Design and decoration of small gastronomic establishments

Decorating small restaurants


In the gastronomic environment, small restaurants have a charm that makes them unique.

However, decorating small restaurants is not always an easy task, as they require a special approach to maximise their potential.

In this article, we explore different ways of transforming a small dining space into a welcoming and attractive environment.

Design of small restaurants: Tips and essentials 

Truly efficient interior design for small restaurants begins with an understanding of their structure and form. Whether square, rectangular or round, the space must comply with a number of basic details.

The counter or bar, as a key element of any restaurant, should be located in a way that optimises workflow and interaction with customers. And the furniture must be designed to offer maximum functionality without sacrificing on style. 

Interior design for small restaurants

With the above aspects in mind, let's take a closer look at some of the interior design elements that will be of great use in restaurants with limited space

Spatial distribution: Maximising functionality

Distribution in a small restaurant is key. We need to keep in mind the shape of the premises in order to strategically locate the counter and service areas, maximising the available space.

To optimise layout and functionality, multifunctional furniture and modular designs can be an effective solution.

Design and distribution of spaces in a real cafeteria

In case you find it useful, we share a real example of a design we created for a cafeteria project in Panama.

Take a look at the plans and the final result:

Front plan for cafeteria design

Rear plan for cafeteria design

When lines come to life:

Suitable furniture: Style and comfort in smaller spaces

When choosing furniture, more than its style, it is necessary to consider its functionality and how it fits into the space. Opt for light and small furniture to provide flexibility and visual spaciousness.

Strategic lighting: Creating ambience and highlighting spaces 

Well-planned lighting is essential. Make the most of natural light and use artificial light to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, while highlighting the interior design and decoration with integrated lighting in the bar and strategic areas. 

Decoration trends for small restaurants

Current trends in small restaurant decoration emphasise the creation of intimate and cosy spaces. The use of light, neutral colours helps to create a sense of spaciousness, while accents of colour can bring the space to life. 

Natural materials and organic textures are also popular for their ability to add warmth and character. In addition, local art and decorative elements can be very useful to personalise the space and connect with the community.

Design of small cafés

As in restaurants, it is essential to optimise space in small cafés. Efficient furniture layout, the selection of pieces that combine style and functionality, and well thought-out lighting are key to creating a welcoming ambience. 

It can also be very useful to introduce decorative elements such as Fitwall® cladding. In addition, just because a space is small doesn't mean you need to give up on brand identity, which can be reinforced by customising the space with Alluslate® panels.

Decoration of small fast food restaurants 

If you are faced with the challenge of decorating a very small fast food restaurant, you should keep in mind that efficiency and functionality are your two best friends. But this doesn't mean you should give up on aesthetics. 

The decoration should be based on lighter colours to visually enlarge the space, introducing white lights to obtain an effect of spaciousness. At the same time, energetic decorative details in bright colours can give the space a modern and fun touch that encourages action and movement.

When choosing materials, opt for alternatives such as Krion®, whose versatility and mouldability allow you to design a space that facilitates the efficient flow of customers and employees alike. 

Decoration ideas for small restaurants: Get inspired by Krion

Krion has been offering innovative solutions for the decoration of small restaurants and cafés for years. Fitwall® and Alluslate® decorative panels, as well as Krion® solid surface are ideal for creating unique and attractive spaces that meet the unique needs of each restaurant. 

→ Here you can see how to apply Krion® in the catering industry.


Photography: Luce Catanzariti.
Porcelanosa Grupo Project: Soverato Dolci in Catanzaro (Catanzaro, Italy) by ARCHITETTO ORESTE VARTELLINI
Solutions by the firms Krion® Lux, in the bar, and Xtone in wall cladding.

Photography: we / are / braw
Porcelanosa Group project: Fisher & Donaldson (Andrews, UK)
Krion Fitwall® in wall cladding: Arco White Sand and Willow Velvet Blue

If you face the task of decorating a small restaurant, we hope these tips will help you! Remember: a small space can be warm and welcoming if you choose the right colours, textures, lighting and furniture.