Food Design: the essence of a booming trend

Food Design


Food Design, a discipline that is at the epicentre of innovation, is redefining the food and catering sector.

This trend goes beyond the design of the food itself to cover the creation of packaging, spaces and presentation methods. It is a field where design, gastronomy and customer experience intertwine to transform the way we interact with food.


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The essence of Food Design

Food Design is an art that combines creativity with functionality, extending from the design of new foods to the conceptualisation of spaces and experiences related to them.


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Every element, whether it's a package, a counter or furniture, is carefully thought out to enhance the dining experience.

This integrated approach enhances the presentation of food and plays a crucial role in how users perceive and enjoy it.

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Food Space Design: creando experiencias sensoriales

Food Space Design is an extension of Food Design that focuses on creating unique environments for enjoying food. This branch of design places special emphasis on the sensory aspects of the environment, such as lighting, music and furniture, seeking to generate a complete experience.

Spaces where food is prepared and sold, from bakeries and cafés to supermarkets, become settings where every detail contributes to the culinary experience.

In this sense, the right choice of materials and excellence in interior design are essential to creating environments that are both attractive and comfortable.

Krion®, Fitwall® and Alluslate®: innovation in the design of food spaces 

Krion®, Fitwall® and Alluslate® are the leading players in food space design materials. They also enrich their sensory experience.

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As a solid and versatile surface, Krion® is ideal for counters and work surfaces, offering the maximum hygiene needed in the food industry. It also offers the possibility of transmitting and generating emotions thanks to the psychology of colour.

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Fitwall® offers textures inspired by nature and raw materials, providing a unique aesthetic dimension to spaces. Their finishes add depth and warmth, making them ideal for creating cosy environments so sought after in restaurants.

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Alluslate® can also be an ideal accompaniment for wall tiles. Its varied designs make it perfect for decorating spaces where walls seem to come to life.

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Food Design beyond the theory 

Food Design is not just a theory; its practical application has resulted in many success stories. From top restaurants that fuse gastronomy with visual art, to grocery stores that create a sensory journey for their customers.

All these cases show how careful design can positively influence the perception of the consumer and their gastronomic experience. 

Food Design is a dynamic discipline that is constantly evolving and is vital for the future of the food and catering industry. A trend where, through innovation, Krion®, Fitwall® and Alluslate® can show the way forward to designing more enriching experiences.


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In short:

This approach improves both functionality and aesthetics in food spaces and serves to elevate experiences. Therefore, Food Design is crucial to connecting with customers in a meaningful way.


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