Restaurant & Catering

The design of restaurants and spaces for gastronomy is of increasing importance when developing new products or renovating those which already exist. The comfort and warmth provided by the compact material KRION® make it an essential element for the interior design of restaurants, bars and all kinds of restaurant establishments.

One of the great advantages of KRION® Solid Surface is that it is easy to clean and requires little maintenance, benefits to its use and functionality. Additionally, its anti-bacterial properties, its versatility and its resistance to elements as diverse as fire and solar radiation make it the perfect choice for this kind of establishment. The compact mineral KRION® also complies with all North American and European regulations on food use, and therefore the material may be used in contact with food, thus making it suitable for restaurants.

Modern and functional restaurant establishments with KRION®

If you want to have a modern restaurant, café or other establishment which also provides exclusivity and practicality, we invite you to discover all the properties of KRION® Solid Surface that make it ideal for this sector.