KRION presents Fitwall™: a revolution in mineral-based decorative panels


Taking inspiration from nature and based on its commitment to the environment, KRION has developed a large format decorative panel with reduced resins and higher mineral content. 

Fitwall™ offers excellent resistance and durability, and has a distinctive natural aesthetic which perfectly reproduces the volumes and textures in realistic designs such as wood, concrete, fired clay, and textiles. In a panel format, it can be used to create striking reliefs, making it a high durability material for both interiors and exteriors. 

Its properties include: 

  1. Mineral composition: mineral-based, with reduced resins, making it a sustainable product.

  2. Easy installation: no need for specialist equipment to assemble or work with it. 

  3. Aesthetics and design: natural inspiration for a unique design.

  4. Fire resistance: it is highly fire resistant thanks to its composition, making it an excellent material for commercial and residential spaces.

  5. Moisture resistance: its damp-proof composition makes Fitwall™ the perfect material for outdoor use.

  6. Easy cleaning: it does not absorb liquids.

  7. Heat and sound insulation: the panels' composition and structure contribute to heat and sound insulation. 

  8. Lightweight: the weight of the panels ranges from 6 to 10 kg/m2, depending on the model. 

  9. Flexibility: it can be fitted to all types of walls, including curved ones. 

  10. Cutting options: Fitwall™ can be cut to fit any space. 

  11. Repairable: the filler used for the joints can also be used to repair any potential imperfections, maintaining the original appearance of the panel.  

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