Commercial & Business Premises

Another of the sectors in which it is common to see the Solid Surface KRION® is in different rooms of commercial premises and businesses. This material developed by Systempool, a firm of the PORCELANOSA Group, offers a wide range of possibilities in the design of commercial spaces, becoming a key piece for transmitting the image of a firm and offering the best possible presentation for each product.

Thanks to its extensive palette of colours, the possibilities for commercial decoration are endless, allowing the customised design of units or any other element that you wish to complete the project of your commercial premises. Furthermore, the possibility of joining and curving sheets offers many opportunities when combining colours and shapes, allowing unique projects to be carried out, oriented towards the commercial strategy of your company or business.

Cutting-edge commercial establishments with KRION®

Develop the corporate image of your company with the modernity and innovation of KRION® and don’t miss the opportunity to have modern commercial premises with an ecological, resistant and anti-bacterial material.