Wall tiles

In addition to being an ideal material for the covering of buildings and facades, the compact mineral Krion™ is also essential for the creation of interior coverings thanks to its special functionalities and characteristics, notably its non-porosity, resistance and high energy efficiency.

One of the most widespread uses in interior coverings is in the hospital and restaurant sectors. However, it is also common to find the solid surface Krion™ in private homes which seek the greatest modernity and efficiency in their interiors. Whether for the covering of the walls of the living room, bedrooms or bathroom, the compact mineral developed by KRION offers ideal warmth and practicality for daily life at home. In terms of hospital areas and health centres, the covering of their interiors offer the maximum hygiene and safety to patients and employees, two of the essential pillars in undertaking this kind of project.

Give the interior of your home, your commercial premises or your company or business a fresh, unique, innovative and special atmosphere with the compact mineral Krion™, and create customised projects.