These 5 sustainable homes are planet-friendly thanks to Krion and Porcelanosa Group



Sustainability in home construction is becoming increasingly important, and eco-friendly home design is trending.

Designing sustainable homes is becoming more and more of a concern for architects and designers worldwide, and for good reason: sustainable construction is no longer an option, it's a necessity.

Climate change has prompted builders and designers to come up with more environmentally-friendly solutions in recent years, and the results are positive.

According to forecasts, if we reduce the demand for less sustainable materials such as steel or cement, the home construction industry could reduce its global emissions by 38% by 2050.

So, what exactly is a sustainable home? What are the features of sustainable houses, and where can we find examples? 

What is a sustainable home?

From the design phase, through to design and later use, sustainable homes put the environment front and centre.

Generally speaking, these are energy efficient homes that utilise more planet-friendly resources.

Features of a sustainable home

Sustainable homes have a lesser environmental impact in the construction phase, extending to the subsequent use of the home. So as well as being made with sustainable architecture in mind, the fixtures and fittings should also be environmentally-friendly.

Here are the key characteristics of a sustainable home:

The design should fit harmoniously into the setting and wider natural environment.

To achieve this, building materials should be as environmentally-friendly as possible. They should of course use non-polluting materials, using recycled or recyclable products where possible.

sustainable materials

In terms of equipment, household appliances, heating/air conditioning systems and insulation should be designed to minimise energy consumption.

Tips for making your home more sustainable

There are steps you can take if you want to make your own home more sustainable. Take a look at our tips for making your home more sustainable:

  • Updating your façade and replacing it with a ventilated façade can improve your insulation, resulting in lower energy consumption in the home.

porcelanosa lyon façade

Porcelanosa Lyon façade

  • In terms of exterior design, you can take steps to improve sustainability by planting vegetation and opting for materials such as wood rather than metal in any transit areas.

sustainable terrace

fitwall palm decorative panel

Fitwall Creative Series Palm

  • Using thermodynamic water heaters or solar heaters is another way to optimise home sustainability, and they reduce spending on electricity or gas.
  • Installing smart appliances and lighting can dramatically reduce your energy consumption and expenditure.

Top 5 sustainable homes with Krion and Porcelanosa Group

Veamos, a modo de ejemplo, cinco viviendas que han trabajado la sostenibilidad en su construcción. 

  • Oriol House

    This brutalist residence with a glazed façade maximises the use of natural light to reduce electricity consumption. 

    The Mediterranean home features materials such as XTONE, a compact material committed to sustainability.

oriol house project

Project: Alejandro Tejedor + Asociados

Ideation: Alejandro Tejedor – Carlos Maeso

Construction Management : Alejandro Tejedor – Rafael Benedito 

Carsten house in Ibiza combines craftsmanship, design and sustainability, masterfully blending traditional architecture with sustainable design.

Highlights include Krion® Lux Marfil Nature, used for the kitchen worktops. Thanks to its resistance and its almost zero porosity, this material reduces the use of harsh chemical agents for cleaning.

carsten sustainable kitchen

Photography: Álex del Río

Boasting spectacular views of the Pyrenees, the design of Es Pletieus in Lleida is perfectly in tune with nature.

Ceramic wood by Porcelanosa and the Krion® Lux 1100 K-Life worktops bring this unique and sustainable project to life.

es pletieus sustainable kitchen

Photography: Alicia García

Casa Madreselva in Salinas, Asturias, is a new take on the terraced home concept, using natural collections.

Krion® Lux also makes an appearance. David Olmos Tapia worked on the project, with versatility at the heart, creating a space that serves as a dining table and worktop area in one, for example.

madreselva sustainable kitchen

Photography: Ivo Tavares Studio 

Architecture: David Olmos Arquitectura

Sebastián Pieras is the architect behind this jewel in the Mediterranean's crown. The detached family home combines Porcelanosa's most natural and sustainable collections with glazed walls, filling the home with natural light.

mirador alcanada sustainable house

Architecture: Spaiarquitectura

Interior Design: Spaiarquitectura

Constructor: Rem

Photography: Tomeu Canyellas


Sustainable homes aren't just the future. They're now a reality. To bring sustainable design into your own home, using the right materials is key. Ones which are environmentally-friendly from the source, through to manufacture, and disposal when they're no longer needed.