Oz decorative panels by Fitwall®: a stunning show of textures

Oz decorative panels Fitwall


For years, KRION has been pushing for limitless creativity, adding ever-more modern and on-trend elements, materials and designs to its range. This is a brand on a constant quest for innovation and high product quality. Which is why it's looking increasingly further away to broaden its horizons. 

Fitwall decorative panels are one of the brand's most successful additions to its extensive product range in recent times. Today we're looking specifically at its Oz product range. 

These KRION panels come with a long list of benefits and are committed to high-level quality. And as we'll see next, they go further. These panels make an ideal choice to decorate and transform any space - with a firm eye on their environmental impact. 

Oz decorative panels by Fitwall 

Fitwall is a highlight of KRION's range of mineral-based materials. Since its beginnings, this material - in all its forms - has been considered synonymous with lightness and durability.

The material's structure and composition make it ideal for providing next-level thermal and acoustic insulation. 

What's more, its technical properties make it highly resistant against extreme elements like fire and moisture. As a result, Fitwall offers the perfect combination of aesthetics and safety so paramount to wall coverings of any sort.

The Fitwall Oz series benefits from an incredibly simple installation system and cutting-edge aesthetics. The herringbone design of Fitwall Oz is perfect for anyone looking to dress walls, furnishings or other equipment with unrivalled relief and texture. The highly-realistic pieces offer flexibility, durability and lightness, making them an excellent choice for a number of applications. 

oz decorative panels fitwall

Fitwall Oz decorative panels are perfect for commercial premises where you want to project a modern and innovative image to customers and visitors. They're ideal for restaurants and cocktail bars. 

Oz solid surface panels are Fitwall's most striking and original piece yet, with the power to transform any space - whichever colour you go for. Take your pick from Velvet Brown, Mediterranean, White Clay, Yellow Clay or Red Clay. 

How has Fitwall improved the environmental performance of Oz panels? 

KRION's Oz panels feature a wide range of properties that demonstrate the brand's commitment to the environment. 

In fact, KRION's commitment to protecting the environment has always been one of its hallmarks. It's what led us to reduce the resin content in the panels. We've also replaced part of our products' composition with alumina trihydrate, the main component of Krion. 

Krion uses mineral-based raw materials to give its panels mechanical and flame retardant properties. 

oz decorative panels fitwall

The result? More than two-thirds of Fitwall panels contain mineral-based components mixed with resin, making the material tougher and more fire-resistant. They also use inorganic mineral pigments for a more natural look, and fibreglass, which gives the material its characteristic resilience and flexibility.

As you can see, there remains no doubt that large format Fitwall® decorative panels are a truly outstanding solution: they're resistant, strong and light, as well damp-proof, fire-resistant, and easy to install. 

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