Solid Surface Furniture

Krion™ Solid Surface is also used for developing fittings for homes, public spaces, commercial premises and any other space you can imagine. Thanks to unique and exclusive properties, the compact mineral developed by KRION can also be used to create pieces of fittings that are unimaginable with any other material.

One of the properties that make solid surface fittings possible is the versatility and malleability of its components, allowing the creation and development of unique shapes that are impossible to create with other materials or elements. These organic and geometric shapes, combined with the large palette of colours that Krion™ is available in, make this material a perfect choice for producing totally original creations that will capture everyone’s attention.

Krion™  furniture for all kind of spaces

If you want to check the versatility of the compact mineral Krion™ and easily create your own solid surface furniture, we invite you to discover the properties and characteristics of this latest generation material which will make everything you can imagine into reality.