Solid Surface Outdoor Wall

Inclement weather, deterioration over time, continuous use – despite the difficulty that exterior coverings have enduring over time for these and many other reasons, the compact mineral Krion™ is capable of offering high resistance to all kinds of elements such as fire, extreme atmospheres and solar radiation, making it a perfect material for facades and all kinds of exterior coverings.

The warm, pleasant to touch surface of this latest generation material allows it to withstand attack from concentrated acids, being resistant to all kinds of marks or chemical alterations. Thanks to its non-porosity and its tested resistance to extreme and adverse weather conditions, Krion™ can be used as the ideal exterior covering for buildings and other projects.

Exterior covering & facade’s projects made of Krion™

Discover all the applications of Krion™ Solid Surface and discover the exterior covering projects undertaken with this latest generation compact mineral developed by KRION, a firm of the PORCELANOSA Group.