The best ideas for a sustainable home with KRION®



Today's society is increasingly advocating a more sustainable way of life, in all areas from economy and politics to architecture.

Krion is firmly committed to preserving the environment through the manufacture of sustainable, high quality, durable materials that can be used to create unique, versatile and eco-friendly pieces.

Because sustainability is not a fashion, but a lifestyle, with Krion you can design homes that are more respectful of the environment, improving people's quality of life. 

We thus propose 3 ideas for interior design to create a more eco-friendly home.

White eco-friendly kitchen with Krion K-Life 1100

Having an environmentally friendly kitchen without giving up your dream design is possible with Krion K-Life 1100, an innovative solid surface with an avant-garde style, designed to create unlimited spaces sustainably.

This revolutionary material stands out for its qualities, generating numerous benefits for the home and the environment, such as contributing to the improvement of indoor air, minimising the use of chemical agents for cleaning, avoiding the proliferation of pathogens on its surface, not containing dangerous chemical products in its composition and allowing occasional contact with foodstuffs without generating any chemical migration.

Undoubtedly, the best material for your kitchen worktops. The absolute white colour (Krion® K·LIFE 1100) brings light and elegant design into your kitchen, making it a pleasure to prepare food for the family.

krion eco-friendly kitchen

Project: Ático Centro de Elche (Alicante), 2018

Architecture: Francisco Sanchiz, MAPB Arquitectura

Indoor Pavement: l'Antic Colonial

A safe sustainable bathroom with Krion Shell®

The bathroom is perhaps one of the most intimate rooms in the home and the one requiring the highest standard of cleanliness. Sustainability can be incorporated in the bathroom through environmentally-friendly materials such as Krion Shell®, a two-part compound formed by minerals bonded with Eco Resina, and a solid uniform external layer composed of alumina trihydrate and pigment.

This clearly eco-friendly material uses up to 5% of plastic waste in its total composition and can be used in the manufacture of shower trays, washbasins and bathroom countertops, creating healthy, hygienic environments for personal care.

krion eco-firendly bath

A bedroom inspired by nature with Fitwall®

Resting or ending the day by reading a book in the bedroom is a pleasure you can enjoy without sacrificing elegance and design. Fitwall® panels are the perfect sustainable solution for the walls of your bedroom.

Fitwall® is a mainly mineral material inspired by nature and capable of creating highly realistic and durable reliefs and textures, giving the bedroom its own character and identity.

In order to minimise the consumption of resources, recycled PET has been incorporated in the resin that makes up the panels, each panel containing sufficient recycled plastic (PET) to manufacture 20 plastic bottles.

krion eco-friendly bedroom

In order to improve the world we live in, Krion Solid Surface S.A.U. is committed to continuing research to introduce small changes with major impact, both at the level of business development and in the manufacture of safer and more sustainable products.

Eco-friendly construction materials 

Sustainable construction is all about selecting environmentally-responsible construction materials. Components manufactured in Krion® are an eco-friendly solution, from the production stage through to the end of its shelf life.

Our solid surface is a sustainable material made with a high percentage of natural minerals, and low percentage of resins, resulting in excellent resistance. 

We've exhaustively optimised the manufacturing process, allowing us to achieve zero waste in the production phase.

We've successfully reduced the environmental impact of our materials as far as possible, achieving a 40% reduction in the carbon footprint generated by each sheet in transit. 

Once installed, Krion® products provide thermal insulation that reduces the energy demand ofhomes. And because it's almost completely non-porous and bacteriostatic, Krion® is incredibly easy to clean - meaning there's less of a need for chemical products. 

10 tips for making your home more sustainable

There are a number of things to think about if you want to make your home fully sustainable, in addition to using eco-friendly construction materials such as Krion®. Take note of these 10 tips for making your home more sustainable. 

1. Reuse furnishings 

Reusing furnishings is an effective way of achieving a more sustainable home. Reusing old furnishings or going for second-hand, rather than always buying new furniture or other items, will make your home more eco-friendly. 

2. Take advantage of natural light

If you want your home to be more eco-friendly, you need to make maximum use of natural and renewable energy sources. One such resource is natural light - the perfect lighting for sustainable homes. 

Install large picture windows that usher in the light, as well as skylights to get as much daylight in as possible. 

3. Insulate your home

A well-insulated home means lower energy consumption - and lower gas and electricity bills.As well as Krion® façades, double-glazed windows with thermal bridges can make a huge difference to how sustainable your home is. 

4. Choose materials that can have a second life 

Another way to make your home more eco-friendly is to avoid using materials that can't be recycled, or don't degrade well (such as aluminium) and instead go for more sustainable and recyclable solutions.

5. Balanced window distribution 

Because they let the light in, windows can help to make your home more sustainable. But they also let the heat over the summer period, which could result in over-heating and force you to switch on the air conditioning. To avoid this happening, made sure your windows are distributed in a balanced way.

6. Underfloor heating and heat pumps 

Heat pumps enable you to avoid traditional, less eco-friendly heating systems like oil or gas. Plus, underfloor heating is one of the most efficient home heating systems you can get. 

7. High-tech solutions 

Smart homes allow you to control all your devices from your phone, and they're a great way of avoiding unnecessary energy waste. With an air-conditioning monitoring system you can switch it on and off remotely, preventing the air conditioning from operating when you aren't at home. 

8. Vertical gardens 

Vertical gardens and living walls help to cool down your home and optimise its sustainability, because they contribute to natural air filtration. 

9. Optimise your use of household appliances 

Making sure you only use the washing machine or dishwasher when they're full is one way of optimising your use of household appliances and making your home more sustainable. 

10. Limit your reliance on air conditioning

Air conditioning systems make your home much more comfortable. But it's important to be prudent if you want to be more sustainable, so programming it to operate only when you need it is a good idea: an optimum room temperature is between 18ºC and 22ºC.

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