Krion presents Fitwall®: a revolution in mineral-based decorative panels

Fitwall decorative panels Krion


Taking inspiration from nature and based on its commitment to the environment, Krion has developed a large format decorative panel with reduced resins and higher mineral content. 

Fitwall® offers excellent resistance and durability, and has a distinctive natural aesthetic which perfectly reproduces the volumes and textures in realistic designs such as wood, concrete, fired clay, and textiles. In a panel format, it can be used to create striking reliefs, making it a high durability material for interiors.

Fitwall® Properties

Its properties include:

  • Mineral composition: mineral-based, with reduced resins, making it a sustainable product.
  • Easy installation: no need for specialist equipment to assemble or work with it. 
  • Aesthetics and design: natural inspiration for a unique design.

fitwall decorative panel willow green

 Fitwall® Velvet Green Willow Series

  • Fire resistance: it is highly fire resistant thanks to its composition, making it an excellent material for commercial and residential spaces.
  • Easy cleaning: it does not absorb liquids.
  • Lightweight: the weight of the panels ranges from 6 to 10 kg/m2, depending on the model. 
  • Flexibility: it can be fitted to all types of walls, including curved ones. 
  • Cutting options: Fitwall® can be cut to fit any space. 
  • Repairable: the filler used for the joints can also be used to repair any potential imperfections, maintaining the original appearance of the panel.


The launch of Fitwall® aroused great interest in the new material, and here are our responses to some of the queries that you have sent us.

What are its advantages compared with other materials? 

The first great advantage of Fitwall® decorative panels is that they are very light, weighing from 6 to 10 kg/m2, which, together with the fact that they can be cut to size, means that they can be adapted to any space. Installation is very simple and does not require specific equipment or building work. 

Is it resistant? 

Yes, it is highly durable, whether used indoors or outdoors, and, in the event of breakage, it is simple to repair.

Can Fitwall be used on curved walls? 

Fitwall® is sufficiently flexible to adapt to different forms of wall, including curves, depending on the model.  

What type of cleaning does it require? 

As the outer layer does not absorb liquids, cleaning is simple and easy.

What certifications does it have?

Fitwall® has obtained BPA Free, Reach, Class A+ Label, HPD and SCS Recycled certifications, endorsing the safety and transparency of the decorative panels and giving consumers a material that not only inspires trust, but lends both design and personality to projects.

Class A+ is the highest classification, certifying that Fitwall® decorative panels do not release any volatile organic compounds that pose a threat to people.

What type of designs are there? 

Fitwall® has a natural appearance, with innovative and exclusive designs available in 4 collections: 

  • Concrete Series: The Wave, Arco and Rolling models in this series have subtle and delicate forms that generate contrasts, inspired by Roman architecture and exotic styles.

fitwall decorative panel concrete

Fitwall® Concrete Series Arco White Sand

  • Cotto Series: the Matonella model in this series resembles earthenware, offering a unique potential for original décor. Is the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, and its ultra-realistic textures and reliefs will give a distinctive and timeless look to any space.

fitwall decorative panel cotto manttonella

Fitwall® Cotto Series Mattonella Bianco

  • Wood Series: similar in appearance to natural wood, the Doghe model is distinguished and sophisticated, a decorative panel that conveys elegance and serenity.

fitwall decorative panel wood doghe

Fitwall® Wood Series Doghe Roble Murano

  • Creative Series: this collection comprises four designs:

-Willow, whose calming tones create a welcoming atmosphere.

fitwall decorative panel willow velvet black

Fitwall® Willow Series Velvet Black

-Palm, a series with a woven effect that adds volume to the décor.

fitwall decorative panel palm caribbean

Fitwall® Palm Series Caribbean

-Shades, with its contemporary, sophisticated style, is a striking design option that leaves a lasting impression. Available in three colours: Shades White Sand, Shades Vanilla Sand and Shades Dark Sand.

fitwall decorative panel shades white sand 

Fitwall® Shades Series White Sand

-Finally, Oz, a highly original combination of different textures that can make any space unique, whichever colour you go for. Take your pick from Velvet Brown, Mediterranean, White Clay, Yellow Clay or Red Clay. 

fitwall decorative panel oz mediterranean

Fitwall® Oz Series Mediterranean


Fitwall® has been designed as interior paneling, both for walls and for the ceiling, furniture or equipment in any residential or commercial space. When you install Fitwall®, every space becomes somewhere personal and exclusive. 

Fitwall® in the bedroom 

In the bedroom, Palm is one of the most surprising decorative panels. Installed as a headboard for the bed, Palm Mediterranean, Shades White Sand, Shades Vanilla Sand or Shades Dark Sand would be an ideal option. 

panel decorativo habitacion

Fitwall® Palm Mediterranean

There are no limits as to the areas where you can install Fitwall® panels. Wherever you want to create a distinctive atmosphere, you can have a decorative panel. 

Decorative panels in restaurants

In restaurants, models such as Mattonella Bianco from the Cotto Series collection or Fitwall® Palm Caribbean are excellent sustainable options with rustic inspiration. 

panel decorativo restaurante

Fitwall® Mattonella Bianco

Decorative panels for stores

In commercial environments, options such as Fitwall® Wave Series or Fitwall® Willow Velvet Green would be perfect for giving spaces texture and personality. 

Fitwall® Wave Ocre Sand

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