How to decorate a luxury restaurant with Krion Porcelanosa Grupo

How to decorate a luxury restaurant


How do you decorate a restaurant? 

The decoration of a restaurant is extremely important to offer a unique experience to diners who want to enjoy themselves. Creating a comfortable, attractive environment is essential to achieving this objective. To do this, you need to take different aspects into account and, below, we give you some advice on each of them: 

  • Think about the type of restaurant and the purpose of the decoration before adding any decorative elements. 
  • Think about practical aspects. However much attention you pay to the decor, if the restaurant has uncomfortable seats, very small tables or a kitchen that is too narrow, it will not be functional and, as a result, it will not be comfortable. 
  • Plan expenditure before thinking about design. You may need to cut spending on furniture or decorative elements in order to invest in quality materials that are durable. 
  • Take lighting into account to enhance the decor of certain areas and draw attention to particular parts of the room. Lighting can also be useful for creating an atmosphere. And remember that natural light is the best source of lighting that exists.

Ideas for decorating restaurants and creating an atmosphere 

To create the right atmosphere in a restaurant, it can be very helpful to look for inspiration in other establishments that we find attractive and pleasant. Depending on the type of restaurant, here are some ideas that you can consider.

restaurant decoration

Ideas for a small restaurant 

A small restaurant can be cozy and pleasant, but it is important to make good use of space and avoid wasting square meters. Ideas for decorating a small restaurant include: 

  • Customized furniture that fits perfectly into the space. 
  • Use benches next to the wall as part of the seating to use less space than would be necessary for chairs. 
  • Decorate in a minimalist style to keep spaces clear. 
  • Use well positioned mirrors to create a sensation of light and space. 
  • Choose colors that enlarge the space visually: white, cream, beige or gray, for example. 

restaurant decoration

Ideas for a luxury restaurant

Luxury restaurants must reflect sophistication and good taste and may have a classic touch. Let's look at some ideas for decorating a luxury restaurant: 

  • Choose sophisticated materials with a sober look. 
  • Opt for low-level lighting using traditional lamps. 
  • Take care of all the details, both large and small, from the decor of the walls and ceilings to the decorative utensils on the tables.

restaurant decoration

Ideas for decorating the walls of restaurants

To decorate the walls of a restaurant, it is not enough to choose a color and paint each wall in it. If you want your restaurant and its decor to stand out and offer a truly unforgettable experience, the walls are very important. 

The different models of the Alluslate and Fitwall panels offer restaurant decorators endless options for enhancing the appearance of walls.  


These decorative panels can be installed without the need for construction work, making them the ideal choice when the premises are being refurbished. 

Krion lattices are also a very interesting option for enlivening the decoration of walls, and adding a sensation of depth thanks to their relief effect. 

The best colors for decorating a restaurant 

Color has the power to transmit feelings and emotions. Depending on how you want to make diners feel, one color may be better than another. Let's look at some examples of how you can use different colors to influence the customer experience: 

  • To ensure a peaceful experience, blue in various shades is the ideal option. 
  • Black conveys the feeling of sophistication you need in a luxury restaurant.
  • restaurant decoration
  • Green is also relaxing and customers unconsciously associate it with nature, so in a restaurant with a natural setting it should be a predominant color. 

  • restaurant decoration
  • Ochres, browns and beige are calm and relaxing.

    restaurant decoration
  • Finally, if you're looking to awaken intense emotions in diners, colors in the red range will be perfect. 

    restaurant decoration

Restaurant decoration may seem like a challenge, but by following these tips and using the best materials, we are sure that the result will be a success. 

Restaurant decoration, a unique touch in every space

A restaurant is a place where we indulge our senses and enjoy the gastronomic offering, but also the smells, the lighting, the colours, the music... And, of course, the company.

To offer a unique and memorable experience, balance in decoration is a fundamental factor that we must take into account.

According to interior designer Iván Cotado, "in restaurant interior design we not only reflect the personality of a kitchen with materials and colours, we also do so with the room distribution, decorative elements, furniture, sensory marketing..."

So, we can say that the expression "we eat with our eyes" takes on a much broader meaning when it comes to decorating a restaurant.

How to decorate a restaurant

Every restaurant is unique and this should be reflected in how they are decorated. But if there is one thing all catering spaces have in common, it is that they must impress the diners, not only in terms of the food, but overall, including the decoration of all areas.

As well as meeting the aesthetic and gastronomic expectations, it must also be a functional space for both staff and diners to feel comfortable sitting and moving around in.

El Malagueño: a bar decoration that goes beyond design

Making a good first impression on visitors to a restaurant is key to attracting customers and offering them a satisfactory experience. The image offered by these initial spaces should be one of cleanliness and hygiene. But of course, without forgetting the differentiating factor: a unique aesthetic that cements the visit in our customers' memories.

Selecting a material that enables us to create a bar with creative shapes, or even a bar backlit with the restaurant's branding, will have a positive impact on this experience. Krion® LUX, as well as being a highly mouldable, aesthetic and modern material, also offers unrivalled cleanliness and hygiene qualities, which is essential in the context of hospitality.

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Photo:© MESA 12

Living room decor that shines on its own at the Soon Grill restaurant 

Once inside the dining room itself, we must not abandon the decoration and leave the diners to their own devices. Proposing an aesthetic that appeals to their senses is key to a favourable dining experience.

A good way to enhance this effect on our restaurant's guests is to opt for backlit tables, such as those at the Soon Grill restaurant in ParisThe tables take centre stage in the dining room; but without neglecting other fundamental elements of the decoration.

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The decoration also reaches Casa Manolo's bathrooms

We have already made the guests fall in love with our restaurant. Now we must take care of the other, but no less important, rooms: the bathrooms.

The decoration concept of a restaurant must be coherent and, to this end, we must not forget this space. The Casa Manolo project is a good example of love and care in the interior design of the bathrooms, where not only aesthetics, but also functionality and hygiene (so important in this space) have been taken into account with the installation of Krion® LUX countertops.

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Fabricator:Fustería Mira

Photo:Lope Matias

Fitwall®: the key to decorate the walls of Berberecho restaurant 

Fitwall® is one of the best partners for decoration in the catering sector. On the one hand, thanks to its exclusive designs that turn any space into a unique and memorable place.

But also because, thanks to its fast installation, without the need for building work or licences, and its ease of handling, it is the perfect option for making quick changes to the decoration without having to close the restaurant for long periods of time.

David García, designer at Grupo Ramón García, and the man in charge of the Berberecho Restaurant project, has managed to create a very special space thanks, among other things, to the use of Fitwall® for the decoration of the walls.

restaurant decoration

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Interior design:GRUPO RAMÓN GARCÍA


Quique Dacosta chooses hygienic and safe kitchens

Kitchens are the epicentre of any restaurant and, in addition to being aesthetically-pleasing, they must be hygienic and safe. Krion® LUX meets all the necessary safety and hygiene conditions to be part of the equipment of these kitchens thanks to its almost zero porosity and ability to be joined with imperceptible joints, preventing the proliferation of microorganisms on its surface, making it safer to be in contact with food.

A clear example of a hygienic, safe and aesthetic kitchen is the Quique Dacosta project, where design and creativity are combined with the safety of the seamless spaces and with backsplashes from Krion® LUX.

restaurant decoration

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