Krion sustainable sheets by way of the EcocycleTM process

Grigio (portada)


One of the objectives for Krion is the care and protection of the environment. To achieve this, the company makes an enormous effort to find a way of making its products not only more sustainable and environmentally friendly but also safe for society.

The production process through which sustainable KrionTM sheets are obtained is the so-called EcocycleTM system, which consists of recycling the surplus sheet stocks to manufacture chips which will be used later on in this production range.

The EcocycleTM range maintains the same characteristics, properties and qualities as standard sheets. At the same time, they minimise the production of waste and reduce the use of plastic materials.

For some time now, Krion's Quality and Environment Department has been working to obtain the SCS Globar Services certification for all the company's products which are manufactured using the EcocycleTM process. Krion has four types of certificates: Minimum of 6% in recycled content, Minimum of 12% in recycled content, Minimum of 20% in recycled content and Minimum of 40% in recycled content.

This year, besides getting the renewal of products already certified, 3 new ones have bee

n included in this group, namely: The MATERIA series with the Luce, Grigio and Amaro finishes; with a minimum 20% recycled material content.

In all, there are 45 colours which Krion offers in its extensive catalogue that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Versatile finishes with a different character which manage to meet the needs of each client without endangering the environment or people’s health.