Quality, Environment and Energy Policy.

The KRION® Management Team and Quality Committee are responsible for the company’s quality, environmental and energy strategy, designed to provide services and products that fully meet our customers’ needs, guaranteeing optimum efficiency, in line with the Quality, Environment and Energy policy actions detailed below:

• To set regular goals and objectives for KRION®, involving all members of staff thanks to efficient internal and external communications, guaranteeing that the information is correctly transmitted and recorded.

• To work on promoting, advising and training for innovation in the design and fabrication of our materials, targeting designers, architects, contractors and manufacturers, thereby creating added value for the company.

• To encourage the ongoing acquisition of know-how for all members of the KRION® team in their particular areas, generating added value achieved through actions such as ongoing product improvements, working to ensure end customer satisfaction, satisfaction through career growth and development and excellence in performance.

• To ensure /monitor compliance with all legal requirements affecting the company, the products it sells and the services it provides, regardless of their type and scope of application.

• To guarantee a working environment and conditions that will minimise occupational and environmental hazards or any risks that may impact negatively on product quality, thereby achieving full customer satisfaction through criteria based on sustainable development and the application of the technological changes and innovations demanded by the market.

• To promote the environmental protection, preventing and minimising pollution, with a particular focus on reducing and reusing waste materials, cutting water and energy consumption and introducing the manufacture of products that are environmentally-friendly throughout their life cycle.

• To boost the company’s energy performance levels through the introduction and assessment of ongoing measures.

• To encourage research and ongoing improvements to the quality of our products, processes and the services we provide. This includes the introduction of all necessary actions to ensure improved environmental and energy performance, incorporating the circular economy into our products’ life cycle and optimising the resources used (power, water, fuel,).

• To transmit PORCELANOSA Group values to company staff and all stakeholders working with this brand.