Solid Surface Products

One of the strengths of the compact mineral Krion™ is definitely its versatility and the many possibilities that it offers Architecture and Design professionals, as each and every one of its properties allow all kinds of designs to be carried out effectively, however complex they may be.

The characteristics of Krion™ Solid Surface allow the creation of personalised products, fully adapted to the needs of each of the spaces or sectors in which one is working, making the possibilities for turning a project or idea into reality endless. The physical properties of this new generation solid surface allow the creation of versatile, highly resistant and functional products that give a unique air of modernity and innovation.

The best products with Krion™

Pieces of jewellery, furniture, works of art and kitchen equipment are just some of the many solid surface products that have been developed with Krion™, to offer even more possibilities when creating the design of any place or space that we can imagine.