Benefits for architects when using Krion® in their projects



For an architect, the materials chosen for a project are as important as the idea, the design, people’s aesthetic, the functional objectives and the economic aspects.

Proper functioning of each of these requirements will set the work pace and may convert a project into something which exceeds the expectations of the client or promoter.

State-of-the-art materials in architecture

Here at Krion, we watch over the professionals who work with our materials from the very beginning. A feature which, together with the intrinsic properties of our Krion® solid surface, makes our material the comprehensive solution for architectural projects.

Next, we will see how the qualities and properties of the Krion® solid surface are capable of meeting needs at an aesthetic, functional and sustainable level in order to meet people’s objectives. Those needs that, with other materials such as wood, technological quartz, marble or granite, could not be resolved.

Krion® advantages for architects

An architect is the person who establishes the action lines in a project. From the first lines in a plan to the last quality controls, it is the architect who creates a space and turns ideas into reality.

Therefore, from Krion, we see what happens from the first moment for each project, so that the result is optimal at all levels.

  • Aesthetic benefits in Architecture

Thermocurving feature: Krion®'s ease of adopting specific shapes leads the architect to creating with no limits, being able to carry out any shape that has been imagined. With Krion®, seemingly impossible ways of obtaining other materials can be achieved.

Durability: Krion® undergoes comprehensive quality controls in order to be able to last over time. The controls of QUV ageing machines and the ease of surface repair guarantee the aesthetic stability of the material over the years. A quality guarantee for people.

Modularity: Krion®'s versatility contributes to the creation of spaces capable of adapting to the different people's needs. A surface without joints or fissures which provides visual continuity and high quality.

  • Functional benefits for Architects

Adaptative capacity: The qualities and features of this material developed by Krion makes problem solving so much easier and more efficient.

Cost reduction: Krion®’s versatility allows for each project to be more adaptive in greater detail, which prevents extra costs in customised solutions. Krion® itselfis
a customised solution.

Profitability: The durability of the material, alongside its versatility and accurate adaptive capacity in every project, go towards increasing profitability for clients, which creates a value-added chain in which each link sees benefits at all levels.

  • Promoting Sustainable Architecture

These days, aspects such as: sustainability, low impact on the environment and the improvement in people’s quality of life becomes relevant in architecture. For this, through Krion’s very own advances, these needs are met, where solutions are provided which give extra value to projects.

Krion® K·LIFE improving air quality through its properties: Krion® K-LIFE 1100 contributes to the improvement of air quality as it is a material with very low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), making it an excellent material for cladding and exterior areas.

Versatility: The adaptive capacityof the Solid Surface allows for spaces to be created, that go beyond its compositional, functional and adaptive qualities, which meet people’s needs.

Support and professional training for architects

The A&D Department: Making the work of its collaborators easier is among Krion’s objectives. In order to offer help, support and advice to architects at all levels in the development of their projects, the A&D department has been created. A meeting point between architects and professionals from Krion where, doubts are cleared up; technical support is provided; solutions which are adapted to each project are provided, too.

We bestow as much knowledge as possible on architects. We provide materials, a technical library and relevant data which support projects and their obtainment, carried out in an impeccable fashion, and adapted to client needs.

3600 solutions which, bring features from the solid Surface from PORCELANOSA GRUPO, turning Krion® into the most profitable and efficient option on the market.