Kitchen worktops without joins



The creation of limitless surfaces with imperceptible joins is one of the revolutionary properties of KRION® Solid Surface. 

KRION® is a homogeneous, full-body material, almost totally non-porous, ideal for creating large surfaces without visible joins, and, thanks to its thermoformable properties, it can be shaped and adapted to any design, as if it were a single piece.

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of KRION®, not only because of its creative and aesthetic possibilities, but due to its functional and technical superiority in comparison with other materials, making it the ideal choice for installation in spaces that call for very strict aseptic standards.

Discover the transformative power of KRION®. Our kitchen worktops without visible joins are the perfect choice for those who need a flawless functional design. 

Solid Surface to design worktops without visible joins

Thanks to the composition of KRION®, sheets can be combined to create worktops with practically invisible joins. The specific adhesive for each colour allows KRION® sheets to be bonded with a perfect finish.

KRION® LUX sheets

Krion® LUX sheets by the PORCELANOSA Group offer you the chance to have a one-piece worktop.

With the Krion® LUX non-toxic adhesive, joins cannot be seen or felt, creating a uniform, uninterrupted appearance. The bonding technique guarantees an impeccable appearance and a continuous surface, with no visible joins to break the harmony of the design.

Working with Krion® LUX sheets is similar to working with wood, which makes it easy to install in any setting. You can express your ideas and create customised worktops that are perfectly suited to your project, without limitations.

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Semi-manufactured Krion sinks

Our semi-manufactured sinks are the perfect option to complement kitchen worktops without joins.

Made with Krion® Solid, these sinks will fit perfectly into your design, creating a harmonious, uninterrupted look. Their total white design, and their resistance to heat, knocks and stains, makes them the ideal choice for a durable functional kitchen.

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Advantages of kitchen worktops without joins in kitchen design

When you choose kitchen worktops without joins, you can enjoy numerous advantages that go beyond aesthetics. The most notable are:


Joins in the surfaces of traditional materials often allow damp, liquids and dirt to accumulate, which has a negative effect on their appearance and can be harmful to health; inadequate cleaning of surfaces results in the proliferation of bacteria, mould and other microorganisms.

Krion® LUX worktops can create continuous surfaces without corners or joins, avoiding areas that are difficult to clean and where dirt accumulates more easily.

Krion®'s worktops without visible joins not only offer a smooth surface that is almost totally non-porous but also have bacteriostatic properties, preventing the proliferation of microorganisms on the surface. Keeping your kitchen clean and free from germs is easier than ever.

Even so, you should follow these tips to keep it in optimum condition:

  1. Daily cleaning: If you get a mark or stain on your Krion® surface, clean it immediately before it has time to set in - that will make it easier and quicker to clean. All you need is a sponge or microfibre cloth to wipe the surface.

  2. Cleaning stubborn stains: It's much easier to remove stubborn stains from Krion® LUX than other materials. Just follow these steps:

  • Apply a microparticle cleaning product to the stain (or K-CREAM where applicable) and moisten a clean white scouring pad.

  • Rub the stain in a circular movement until it disappears.

  • Repeat if required, applying a little pressure.

  • Finally, remove any excess cleaning fluid with the green cloth, rinse with water, and dry the surface well using the grey drying cloth.

If you can see a difference in the finish between the part of the surface you've cleaned and the rest, you can repeat the process all around the treated area. This will ensure a uniform finish, leaving no trace of the cleaning process.


Our kitchen worktops without visible joins are designed to withstand daily wear and retain their original appearance over time.

Krion® LUX material is highly resistant to knocks, stains, chemicals and high temperatures.
Krion® LUX will scratch, like any other material used for surfaces. But unlike others, scratches on Krion® LUX are easy to repair. The material can be regenerated: a simple polish will leave it looking as good as new, thus ensuring exceptional durability.


With our worktops without visible joins, you can let your imagination run free and design a unique kitchen.

Combine different colours, textures and shapes to create a customised space that expresses your style and preferences.

The versatility of Krion® LUX allows you to make bespoke designs, from worktops to integrated sinks, with a uniform, sophisticated look.

Here are some tips for creating a stunning décor:

  • Elegant minimalism: Choose neutral colours and clean lines to highlight the purity and simplicity of the material. In this case, less is more. 

  • Subtle accessories: Add delicate details to highlight the style of your worktop. You can use decorative elements such as ceramic bowls, or give the room a natural touch with plants in pots. 

  • Strategic lighting: The right lighting can bring out the beauty of kitchen worktops without joins even more. Use recessed lights or directional spotlights to create points of light that enhance the textures and colours of the material.

  • Contrasting materials: Combine Krion® LUX with other materials such as wood, stainless steel or glass to add depth and variety to the decoration of your kitchen worktop without joins. 

Discover the power of Krion® LUX worktops without visible joins and transform your kitchen into a place where beauty and functionality come together in harmony.