Krion™ Solid Surface: hygiene and security


During the current circumstances it is essential to preserve our health and maximize our personal care and the one of the environment in which we live.

One of our priorities is the cleaning and maintenance of the surfaces around us, both at home and at work. Hygiene is vital to cut off the proliferation of pathogens and prevent them from reaching us. This is why the materials that help combat the emergence and reproduction of microorganisms are currently gaining strength. Krion™ materials prevent bacteria and fungi from being hosted on its surface, providing greater protection against them in sanitary, commercial and residential projects.

The items that surround us and spaces where we develop our lives might be harboring all types of bacteria. There are many kinds of microorganism carriers, from utensils as close as our mobile phones, bathroom surfaces and door handles, to desks and kitchen counters. Hygiene, both of the hands and of the surfaces, is the first measure of prevention. Nevertheless, this level of hygiene might vary depending on the type and composition of surfaces. For this reason, the choice of materials is fundamental, since the level of contamination of the surfaces that are porous or have joints or cracks is higher than that of continuous, non-porous materials.

In the face of such problems, Krion™ offers uniform surfaces, whose nil porosity and seamless joints prevents active microorganisms from settling on it and makes it easier to clean. The efficiency in the disinfection process is therefore maximized.

Particular emphasis should be placed on areas where food is handled and on sanitizing the corners of surfaces, as the accumulation of dirt is greater and more difficult to remove. If the disinfection of these areas is not enough, a high concentration of biological contamination may occur. Materials with the ability to remove these barriers thus bring greater sterilization to the area.

Due to its components, Krion™ allows the creation of continuous surfaces and curved joints in both concave and convex corners, avoids the accumulation of residues and facilitates the cleaning of the space and its disinfection in a safe and effective way.  When disinfecting surfaces, the products used must be taken into account, for some of the most effective products can damage the surface by generating abrasions, changes in texture or colour. However, the materials made with Krion™ have a high chemical resistance, allowing it to be disinfected with all types of products commonly used in cleaning causing no damage, as certified by the ISO 19712 test carried out on Krion.


Efficiency and safety are not at odds with customization, which is why Krion has more than 100 colours available and a wide variety of semi-finished washbasins and sinks that avoid joints. Krion is also ideal and offers maximum safety guarantees when creating kitchen, bathroom or laboratory countertops.

It is convenient to know the materials that make up the products used in the facilities where we live, which is why Krion guarantees its security with the certification of its products. In this regard, Krion has been validated and certified by NSF concerning food contact, it has obtained the REACH certificate which validates that its composition is free of harmful components for our health such as Bisphenol, and it does not generate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as certified by the Greenguard and A+ seals. Moreover, Krion has made public its Product Health Declaration (PHD), emphasizing its commitment to transparency regarding the composition of its products.