Krion® Lux fire performance


One of the main priorities in architecture is protecting people against fire. People living in a building need to have sufficient time to evacuate, and to a large extent this depends on what materials have been used for the building, and the way they react in the event of a fire.

The European Union has adopted Standard EN 13501-1, which gives a range of classes determining how different construction materials used in architectural solutions react to fire. The classification system offers a unified comparison based on consistent testing methods, and is currently used as a reference in many countries around the world.

Euroclasses provide planners with information on materials and the way they react in the event of a fire, measuring combustibility, smoke production and flaming droplets.   

When tested against this European standard, Krion® Lux obtained Euroclass B-s1-d0, demonstrating its suitability for installation in any location. But what does this classification tell us?


Euroclass Classification B-s1-d0 

Each of the 3 aspects of Euroclass Reaction to Fire indicates key information on a material's behaviour. For the Krion® Lux mineral compact we can see the following:

  1. CONTRIBUTION TO FIRE, COMBUSTIBILITY (B): Indicates whether a material contributes to the spread of a fire. It is classified alphabetically, with A being the safest (completely flame retardant materials, example: stone) and F is the least safe. Krion® Lux obtained a B classification, standing out against other solid surface competitors.

  1. SMOKE OPACITY (s1): Values the density and opacity of smoke produced by the material, indicating its toxicity level. Only 3 ratings are available: s1-s2-s3, ranging from lowest to highest in terms of opacity and safety. Krion® Lux is rated s1, the best rating, indicating that the smoke produced by the KRION solid surface would not pose a health risk.

  1. FLAMING DROPLETS (d0): Indicates that material's capacity to produce flaming droplets that contribute to fire spread. This is classified as d0-d1-d2 depending on the amount of droplets produced, from none upwards. Krion® Lux is rated d0, indicating zero contribution to the spread of fire.


Thanks to the EN 13501-1 classification of the reaction of construction products and building elements to fire, we can be sure our Krion® Lux material is a safe and effective choice: not only does it provide a designer touch and endless possibilities, it has the added plus of being a reliable and safe choice you can trust wherever it's installed, making spaces safer for the people who live there.