The benefits of Krion™ K·Life in hospital atmospheres

Krion K Life hospital atmospheres


Although any space, which is in contact with people has to have certain hygiene and safety conditions, there are some places where health standards have to be extremely high indeed.

We are talking about sanitary spaces, where every single detail which may affect the hygiene of the space is taken into account. Whether they are clinics, hospitals, medical consultations or beauty salons; healthcare atmospheres need to bank on materials, tools and protocols which ensure bacteria-free spaces with no contaminants.  

The ease of contagion, along with the susceptibility of the people that go to a medical centre, results in stronger measures being taken. Thus, businessmen, architects and interior designers are increasingly banking on those solutions which enhance safety for people.  

Because of the need of becoming familiarised with the materials which benefit the atmospheres related to health, Hospitecnia, the prestigious architecture, engineering and hospital management website has published an article about KrionTM  K·Life and how the  photocatalytic material creates better hospital atmospheres.

Krion K Life hospital atmospheres

The photocatalysis of KrionTM  K·Life

KrionTM  K·Life is provided with the KEAST technology, which is able to purify the air thanks to the photocatalysis. So, what is the photocatalysis? As we have already seen in this explanatory post about Krion K·Life, the photocatalysis occurs when light hits the surface of certain minerals causing them to come into contact with the humidity and oxygen in the environment. From this mixture, molecules which have the ability to join to other contaminating particles in the environment, produce complex molecules that are not harmful to humans.

Krion K Life photocatalysis


The benefits of KrionTM  K·Life in Healthcare spaces

The main requirement for a material to be used in public spaces is that of having been given a number of certifications by independent organizations which ensure the safety of the facilities and people alike. Krion counts on the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration): with the ecolabel type III which focuses on the impact studies during the whole service life of the material, detailing the impact which is produced in each stage of the service life.

Among the huge number of benefits of KrionTM  K·Lifefor the health sector, professionals highlight the following:  

  • The ability to make the air quality better: The photocatalysis makes it possible for the contaminant particles to be reduced and new harmless ones to be created in the spaces where KrionTM  K·Lifeis found, resulting in benefits for the environment and people’s health alike.
  • Total action: The photocatalytic action of KrionTM  K·Life is carried out regardless of the treatment of the material. In other words, the thermoforming in curved sections, the cutting, the sanding, etc, will not affect the ability of the surface to purify the air.   
  • Bacteriostatic surface: KrionTM does not allow bacteria to spread, something which is extremely important in an environment where the infection probabilities are very high.  
  • Easy-to-clean properties: Its zero porosity means  KrionTM stops dirt and contaminants getting into the material. The lack of joints is also helpful for easy cleaning since there are no hard-to-reach areas where dirt can build up.  
  • Resistance to chemicals: Health spaces have to ensure that the hygiene in the place is absolute by all means.This is the reason why materials with aggressive compounds which disinfect and kill bacteria are generally used. KrionTM is resistant to these types of materials, therefore, the integrity of the surface and the durability are guaranteed.
  • The ability to customise: In hospital centres, covering the needs which ensure the wellbeing of people is paramount. The thermoforming properties by our solid surface help with its adaption to the environment, based on the established professional requirements.  

 Krion K Life hospital atmospheres

The KrionTM solid surface brings together the most important properties from our clients point of view, but, with the implementation of the Keast technology, these benefits have significantly increased, up to the point where they make the environment better for people, something which is essential in any atmosphere.