How Krion™ can help you in the kitchen

Krion™ in the kitchen.


The current Covid-19 pandemic has led to a rethink of space in homes as well as restaurants and hospitality, as we search for a new, safer and more comfortable way of life. 

In this sense, evolving design and technologies have been fundamental to creating healthy and uncrowded multipurpose spaces - with hygiene at the forefront. This is key in places as crowded as the kitchen, where the worktop is the undisputed star.

Thanks to the variety of finishes available and its physical, hygienic and design characteristics, Krion™ perfectly meets the requirements we're all searching for in kitchen surfaces at the moment.

Custom-made, resistant and sustainable kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops are heavily used, and hygiene and cleanliness should always be a priority, so it's important to look for the right materials for this area. Because Krion™ is a no apparent porosity materials it prevents the build-up of food residues on its surface, and also offers maximum hygiene by stopping the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms on its surface. And it's safe to come into direct contact with food.


Another advantage of Krion™ is how easily it can be adapted to your kitchen design, with its high thermoforming capacity and joint-free pieces. This means it can be used to create smooth and continuous surfaces, without any corners or grooves for dirt and debris to gather, helping you to keep your kitchen clean easily, conveniently and practically.


The current trend in kitchen design is to finish the worktop edge in the same thickness as the piece itself, but at Krion we offer different edge finishes to add enhanced design and functionality. Edge finishes that control spillages are easier to clean, for both floors and worktops and furnishings, whilst bevelled and angled edges will give your kitchen a personalised, unique look. Krion offers 3 different splashback solutions for connecting the worktop to the wall, each adapted to both the style and needs of the space, and with cleanliness and hygiene in mind.

Easy to maintain and repair, Krion™ can be worked in the same way as wood, making it easier for industry professionals to handle and install. Its high mineral composition makes it resistant to the type of damage that might occur in kitchens such as scratches, stains, marks, cracks or blows. Krion™ is resistant to all types of products used for cleaning and disinfection, but water and a cloth is all you need to keep it clean on a daily basis.

Krion also offers solutions for kitchen sinks with Krion™ Solid, a semi-manufactured range with Krion™, which is perfectly suited to worktop use, resulting in a continuous surface that prevents the type of build-up of dirt you find in other materials.


Choose the perfect Krion™ worktop for your kitchen from our wide range of colours and finishes.

Among them you'll find Krion™ K-Life 1100. This worktop stands out for its intense white colour, bacteriostatic properties and almost zero porosity that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms when they come into contact with its surface. Equipped with EAST technology, it helps to improve air quality thanks to its composition, creating a healthy and sustainable space as well as elegant and full of light.


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