Bathtub dimensions: 4 things you should know


What are the best dimensions for a bathtub? See how to choose the ideal size for your bathtub, taking into account four determining factors.

There are few things as relaxing and pleasurable as enjoying a nice bath after a long day. Immersing yourself in the water helps you relax your muscles and disconnect your mind. But, for a truly pleasurable experience, it is especially important to take into account the bathtub's dimensions.

If the bathtub is too large compared to the bathroom, it will be very uncomfortable to move around and use the other amenities. On the other hand, choosing a bathtub that is unnecessarily small can make the relaxing moments inside less comfortable.

In this article, we'll talk about the four factors you should take into account when choosing the size of your bathtub. If you choose the right dimensions, you will be able to enjoy that time of privacy and relaxation as well as a nice and functional bathroom the rest of the time.

What are the standard dimensions of a bathtub? 

In general, bathtub dimensions are standardised, and the vast majority of manufacturers abide by these dimensions in almost all their products. However, there are some exceptions that are best suited for those seeking a bathtub outside the usual standards. An example of the latter are the possibilities you can find among the bathtubs made at KRION.

bañera aro krion

Krion Aro Bathtub

In standard terms, a bathtub needs a space measuring approximately 70 centimetres wide and about 120-140 centimetres long.

However, if you have the space, larger bathtubs are much more comfortable: 80 centimetres wide and about 150-180 long.

If you are thinking about a larger bathtub, in addition to measuring the available space, it is worth analysing whether a bathtub of this size will be comfortable and practical in your bathroom.

How long is a freestanding bathtub?

Freestanding bathtubs are usually a little larger than built-in bathtubs. At KRION we have several models in different sizes that are suited to all needs.

For example, the Tono model measures 195 x 90 cm. With the same length, but slightly less wide, is the Aro bathtub (195 x 80 cm).

bañera tono krion

Krion Tono Bathtub

Other options, such as the Almond or Pure models, are 180 cm long. The difference between these two bathtubs is in the width: Almond is 95 cm wide, while Pure is 90 cm wide.

bañera almond krion

Krion Almond Bathtub

If you have a smaller space, a shorter bathtub is a good idea. The Aro Air, Ras and Modul models measure 170 x 80. If your bathroom does not allow you to opt for such a large model, but you still want to enjoy the advantages of a freestanding bathtub, you can opt for the Modul model in its smaller version: 159 x 75 centimetres.

bañera aro krion

Krion Aro Bathtub

4 factors that affect the dimensions of bathtubs

These four factors are essential when selecting the dimensions of the bathtub you are installing at home. If you are designing your bathroom, take note of the following.

1. Available space

In a large bathroom, the space available allows you to choose a bathtub longer than 150 centimetres, where you can lie down comfortably. However, in a small bathroom it is highly important to take the layout into account to see if a bathtub fits and, if so, choose a smaller model. 

bañera arch krion

Krion Arch Bathtub

2. Placement of taps

Wall-mounted taps will not take up space in the basin and are the best option for small bathtubs. However, models such as the Tono bathtub have the option of incorporating the taps into the bathtub itself, as its size makes it easy and convenient to do so.

bañera tono krion

Krion Tono Bathtub

3. Height of the person who is going to use it

Depending on the height of those who will use the bathtub, it will need to be larger, or even smaller.

For example: a person who stands 1.50 m tall does not need a 180 cm bathtub to sit down.  On the other hand, for a 2-metre-tall person, a bathtub that is too small can be rather uncomfortable.

bañera arch krion

Krion Arch Bathtub

4. Minimum passage area

The width of the passage area needed for moving around in the bathroom, stepping into the bath and walking around the bathtub should never be less than 50 centimetres. However, 60 cm is best.

bañera slim krion

Krion Slim Bathtub


We hope these tips will help you to know what to consider when choosing the size of your bathtub. Choosing the right dimensions for a bathtub is essential to enjoy a comfortable, beautiful and functional bathroom to the fullest extent.