Solid Surface Countertops

If there is a place suitable for including elements created with the Solid Surface Krion™, it is without doubt the countertops of restaurant premises. Its easy cleaning and maintenance, its non-porosity and its resistance to impacts and other extreme effects allow the design of solid surface countertops that can endure over time and use, being just like new when cleaned.

Resistance is what makes this latest generation material, similar to natural stone, most suitable for the installation and creation of countertops. Its easy maintenance and non-porosity, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria and other organisms, are two more properties that make Krion™ ideal for creating kitchen countertops that ensure the greatest possible hygiene and quality for carrying out any kind of work. Furthermore, Krion™ allows backlit atmospheres to be created, with unique lighting effects.

Krion™ countertops for restaurant premises

Discover all the properties of Krion™ Solid Surface and make your ideas a reality. Our solid surface countertops will allow you to give a touch of innovation and distinction to your restaurant, bar or premises.