If there is a sector for which the compact material Krion™ is highly recommended, it is the health sector, as its anti-bacterial properties and additive-free composition make it the perfect material for medical centres, clinics, hospital rooms and even operating theatres, where maximum hygiene conditions are necessary.

In addition to these characteristics, the solid surface has the characteristic of being completely aseptic and easy to clean, making it suitable for use in spaces of the health sector that require it. Furthermore, the chemical soldering between the different pieces and the possibility of curving them allow us to create continuous surfaces without joins or corners, preventing the accumulation of microorganisms which may contaminate rooms, hospital clinics, treatment rooms or operating theatres, thus reducing the apparent risks.

Krion™ in projects of the health sector

Discover all the health projects in which the solid surface Krion™ has been essential for obtaining totally clean, adequate spaces, without giving up the innovation and modernity that characterises this material.