Krion®, a safe and sterile material for healthcare settings

Krion en espacios sanitarios


The properties of Krion® Solid Surface make it one of the most highly-rated materials for these spaces.

Laboratories, clinics, pharmacies and hospitals are just some of the places where installing Krion® is the best option. In this article we'll look at exactly why, and how important installing Krion® in healthcare settings really is.

The properties of Krion®

Thanks to its properties, Krion® has the benefit of being one of the best materials for use in healthcare settings. Let's take a look at some of them.


Equipment manufacturedin Krion® has bacteriostatic surfaces, without the presence of any bactericides in its composition.

Thanks to its zero porosity, it prevents microorganisms from settling on the surface, preventing them from spreading. This means any dirt remains on the surface and won't seep in, making it easier to clean and disinfect.

This material guarantees your surface remains free from germs and is fully sterile and aseptic. This is why it's completely suitable and safe when in contact with medical equipment. 

No joints or corners

Surfaces made with Krion® can be made to be completely continuous, without any joints or corners. Connections are sealed using a special Krion® adhesive, creating an imperceptible join and completely smooth finish, thus guaranteeing a continuous surface. And what's more, its thermoforming capacity and mechanised production allow for seamless joins between walls and corners, meaning it can be adapted to every corner without sacrificing continuity.

This stops the proliferation of pathogens in joints, and makes the surface easier to clean and disinfect.

Durable and resistant

Thanks to its mineral composition, Krion® can be easily repaired without altering any of its properties. It's also extremely resistant to blows and scratches, making it incredibly durable.

Fire resistant material

Krion® is highly fire resistant. This is demonstrated by the compact material's Euro Class B-s1-d0 certification.

Chemical resistant

Resistance to chemicals is, of course, particularly important in healthcare settings. It guarantees the durability of the material, which is resistant to continuous cleaning and disinfection and will remain visually unaltered.


Krion® is 100% recyclable, and is an environmentally inert material.  And it also holds Greenguard, A +, BPA Free, Declare, HPD and NSF certificates, all of which back up its sustainable credentials.

Krion® in hospitals and operating rooms

Krion® is used in various healthcare spaces, from hospitals and operating rooms to treatment rooms and dental clinics.

Its innumerable features and properties make it the perfect option for installation in places that need to be fully disinfected.

Because it's bacteriostatic and easy to clean, this is the ideal material for installation in healthcare settings.

Healthcare products

In terms of healthcare settings, various options of no-overflow sinks and washbasins made in Krion® are available. These have been specially designed for healthcare settings and minimise dirt and bacteria

Virus-free, protected laboratories

Finally, we can't end our article on the properties of Krion® Solid Surfaces without mentioning how they act in the face of viruses.

One study observed the behaviour of specific viruses deposited on Krion® material without any treatment, compared with the same virus' behaviour on a plastic surface.

There was an 88.75% reduction in viral activity of the influenza A virus during the first 2 hours of contact with a Krion® surface, whereas the reduction on a plastic surface was 18.44%.