White bathrooms: Elegance and serenity in your personal space

 White bathrooms


White bathrooms emphasise elegance and tranquillity. In rooms where we want to prioritise cleanliness, clarity and calm, this colour is the ideal choice.

In this article, we look at how you can transform a white bathroom into a space of serenity.

White bathroom decoration: Details that make the difference

When decorating a white bathroom, every element plays a key role. Architectural details and accessories must help create a functional and harmonious space, where the purity of each piece becomes the key feature. 

Our minimalist bathroom products are the perfect solutions for people who want to enhance the beauty and practicality of the home's most intimate room. 

Accessories and decoration: Accents to highlight the purity of white

Accessories in a white bathroom are much more than mere additions; these design statements can enhance the purity and brightness of the space.

Elements such as mirrors, in keeping with this colour, increase the feeling of space and light.

Using the latest Krion Bath products, which include items such as minimalist screens, you can create the ideal aesthetic for your project. White, titanium, gold, copper, chrome and black set the pace of interior trends, giving life to diverse and unique bathrooms. You can opt for a total white look or choose to add a touch of colour to the white bathroom design with a sophisticated finish. 

Plants and natural elements: Freshness in a white bathroom

Introducing plants and natural elements into the bathroom creates a sense of freshness and vitality in white bathrooms.

Combining organic with a minimalist bathroom design will create balance, offering an oasis of calm and connection with nature without having to leave the home.

Combining white bathrooms and wood: The perfect combination

Kole countertop and Natural Roble Mediterraneo 80 cm unit

The combination of white bathrooms and wood is at the heart of contemporary design. They are the ideal pairing to balance warmth and modernity. Wood, with its texture and natural tone, contrasts perfectly with the pure white of the selected elements, creating an environment of comfort and elegance.

Wave 110 cm unit

Inspiration from modern white bathrooms

White bathrooms are not just about colour. They are a canvas to express endless possibilities through interior design.

The latest trends in modern bathroom design

Modern white bathrooms are characterised by their simplicity and clean lines. A trend that is reflected in our collections through special elements such as freestanding bathtubs. These sculptural pieces encompass the importance of functionality without compromising on style.

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Innovations in modern white bathrooms

Products made with Krion Shell® stand out for their strength, durability and bacteriostatic properties, as well as for their sustainability, representing the perfect combination between innovation and style. 

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Small white bathrooms: Solutions for smaller spaces

Small bathrooms present a challenge in terms of design. In these spaces, white can be key to maximising their potential. As well as brightening up the room, this colour maintains the minimalist aesthetic and creates a sense of spaciousness. 

Smart design: Maximising functionality in small bathrooms

In smaller bathrooms, every centimetre counts. Smart design focuses on making the most of the available space. Products such as Krion Bath's washbasins and shower trays, with clean lines and compact versions, are perfect for these rooms.

Complementary colour schemes: Visually expanding the space

Complementary colour schemes in small bathrooms can create the illusion of more space.

Combine white with neutral tones and colour accents to achieve the visual effect of a large, open space. 

White bathroom designs that will inspire you

Get inspired by these bathroom designs. You will see how the choice of white opens the doors to practicality, serenity and beauty.

Photo: Adrián Mora Maroto

Porcelanosa Group project: Carlet Home (Carlet, Spain)

Solutions from Krion® Lux for the countertop, wall tiles from Porcelanosa, flush and mixer tap from Noken

Photo: Adrián Mora Maroto

Porcelanosa Group project: Silla Home (Silla, Spain)

Solutions from Krion for the bathtub, wall tiles from Porcelanosa, taps from Noken

Photos and interior design: Susan Glick Interiors

Porcelanosa Group project: Glick Home (Westport, United States)

Solutions from Krion® Lux for the countertop and wall tiles from Porcelanosa

In short:

White bathrooms, whether large or small, offer a unique opportunity to create spaces that evoke cleanliness, purity, brightness and spaciousness.