Sustainable bathrooms with Krion Shell®



We are firmly committed to caring for the environment. Which is why are opted to use recycled materials to manufacture new products for sustainable homes.

Our shower trays and washbasins made from eco-friendly materials such as Krion Shell®, which is respectful of natural resources and reduces polluting emissions during production, make sustainable bathroom projects easier. 

Krion Shell®, an innovative material

From this sustainable awareness, Krion Shell® was born, a resistant and ecological material made from 75% minerals. Most of the body consists of dolomite bound with ECO resin from recycled PET, with recycled material accounting for 5% of its composition.

Now, enjoying a sustainable bathroom, whether at home, in hotels, restaurants or public spaces, is easier than ever thanks to components like Krion Shell® washbasins and shower trays.

And always with the best mechanical properties and aesthetic qualities, guaranteeing a better quality of life for people and the planet.

Sustainable washbasins for your bathroom

Elements series by Krion Shell®

A series of washbasins that perfectly combine sustainability and functionality, available in three versions, as well as in a glossy or matt finish to suit different tastes and needs.

Wall-mounted On Top washbasin

Washbasin suspended over the countertop, very easy to install. It stands out for its circular and rounded lines.

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lavabos sostenibles KRION Shell

Lavabo Elements Square on Top

Semi-recessed washbasin

An option that gives the bathroom personality thanks to the play of contrasts with the worktops, creating striking combinations with character.

lavabos sostenibles KRION Shell

Built-in washbasin

A washbasin that is perfectly integrated into the worktop, giving more prominence to the unit. Easy to clean thanks to its curved lines, as well as the advanced coating of Krion Shell® itself.

Elements built-in washbasin

Sustainable shower trays

At Krion, we not only focus on creating environmentally-friendly washbasins, we also offer a wide range of sustainable shower trays. Together, they create a more sustainable bathroom to help reduce the impact on the planet.

These shower trays are designed to provide a unique experience, combining style, comfort and environmental awareness.

They are also manufactured with Krion Shell®, a sustainable material that ensures a low environmental impact during manufacturing and easy maintenance.

Advantages of sustainable shower trays

Going with a Krion Shell® sustainable shower tray offers numerous advantages. As well as having a high mineral content and a minimum of 5% recycled PET, it helps to preserve ecosystems and lower the environmental footprint. It also offers:

  1. Durability and resistance: Krion sustainable shower trays are known for their durability and resistance. They are designed to withstand daily use and maintain their appearance and functionality over time. This is thanks to the Krion Shell® material, which helps them keep their shape without cracking or losing their properties. 

  2. Easy to clean and maintain: Krion Shell® shower trays for sustainable bathrooms have smooth surfaces that are almost completely non-porous, which keeps microorganisms from proliferating on their surface and makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  3. Healthy and sustainable bathrooms: By protecting against the build-up of dirt, stains and bacteria, the resulting environment created in the bathroom is healthier and more hygienic. Krion Shell® does not contain any chemicals that are hazardous to the user's health. Plus, by requiring less aggressive chemicals for cleaning, the environmental impact associated with the use of these products is reduced

  4. Noise reduction: An eco shower tray is characterised by its excellent noise absorption capacity during use, making it the ideal choice for both residential homes and the hotel sector.

  5. Versatile and aesthetic design: These trays come in a wide variety of designs, colours and finishes to suit any style of bathroom. You can find everything from minimalist and modern options, to more traditional designs. This lets you customise your bathroom based on your aesthetic preferences without compromising on sustainability.

New sustainable shower tray collections

Shower tray from the Line series

Flow Series

The Flow shower tray stands out for its homogeneous, simple, smooth design, in addition to its wide range of formats, which make it suitable for use in any space.

A sustainable, extra-flat and highly functional tray that is impact-resistant, easy to clean and has noise-absorbing properties. Safe and almost entirely non-porous, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria in high-use showers. 

It is available in two textures: Silk, with a smooth, non-slip surface; Rock, with a slightly raised pattern on the surface, ideal for high-traffic use.

Line Series

A fully customisable series available in five different colours, from classic white, to grey, graphite, beige and taupe.

The Line shower tray allows users to customise both its length (75 to 210 cm) and its width (70 to 100 cm). It also offers the possibility of fitting decorative panels on walls to maintain the visual continuity of the space.

Available in a single texture, Concret, with a discreet raised pattern that prevents slipping. Perfect for use by children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility, and in areas with many users.

Shower tray from the Line series

Slope Series

An innovative, ultra-fine shower tray that can be installed on the floor or recessed, to make getting in and out easier.

Its design, with sloping surfaces, allows the water to flow naturally without collecting in the shower. Its wide 90 mm drainage outlet ensures that water flows out freely. 

It is also available in five colours - white, graphite, grey, beige and taupe - and in two textures, Silk and Concret, both with high anti-slip properties (Class III).


Our collection of washbasins and shower trays for sustainable bathrooms is endorsed by numerous certifications, such as SCS Global Services. This certification verifies and guarantees that Krion Shell® products contain at least 5% recycled plastic waste. 





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