This is the decorative secret to enhance brand identity in the retail sector

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Corporate identity is a key factor in offering a unique customer experience so that we can create a memorable memory in the minds of consumers. Olfactory marketing, presence on social networks and even the power of interior design to offer an overall image, from window displays to less visible spaces in our premises, such as bathrooms, are the key to conveying a coherent identity in all facets of the company.

Designed to create a more aesthetic, functional and sustainable world, we present Fitwall®: decorative panels for vertical cladding, furniture and commercial or residential equipment that enter the world of decoration to provide uniqueness and exclusivity to the image of brands that seek to evolve, reinvent themselves and become pioneers.

Why use decorative panels in the retail sector?

Fitwall® decorative wall panels, available in a wide range of registered designs that ensure their exclusivity, are the ideal option for adding personality to businesses in the retail sector. 

panel decorativo en tiendas

Fitwall® Doghe Roble Natura

Aimed at revolutionizing conventional wallpaper, these decorative panels of mineral origin are highly recommended for the retail sector, not only because of their multiple designs but also due to their ease of installation, which can be carried out without construction work and without the need for licences, which does not oblige premises to close.

Decorative panel ideas for hotels

Decorative panels are also an excellent choice for hotels. Providing a distinguishing design that helps to create the best possible experience is extremely important in these spaces.

The comfort of hotel guests is largely based on the design of rooms and common areas. In this regard, a way to enhance room design using decorative panels is to create original headboards. For example, a “bestseller” in the hospitality sector is the Palm Caribbean model for hotels located in coastal areas to bring outdoor freshness and nature indoors.

panel decorativo hotel

Fitwall® Palm Caribbean

Another option is to use it on wardrobe doors or by adding a distinctive design touch to the hotel lobby, guests’ first impression of the design space

The hotel’s corridors are another area that contributes greatly to the comfort and continuity of the accommodation’s style and which often goes unnoticed at a decorative level. Alongside good environmental lighting, Fitwall® 3D decorative panels will help create a strategic high-traffic flow area with original and artistic finishes.

panel decorativo en puerta hotel

Fitwall® Doghe

Unlimited decoration in the most exclusive boutiques

More and more fashion shops are choosing to install decorative panels in their premises. Its variety of designs, as well as its sustainable awareness, make Fitwall® one of the most popular decorative options among design professionals for these spaces.

Under a constant process of innovation, Krion’s R&D department has managed to create a wide range of decorative wall panels that include the SCS, A+ and REACH certificates that declare it a safe material for the health of those who come into contact with it, since it is free from harmful compounds.

panel decorativo texturas

Fitwall® Mediterranean-Oz

Its ability to be repaired in the event of damage and its installation without construction work, which does not require the premises to close its installation, has made Fitwall® a firm favourite for fashion shops.

Furthermore, its panels are so light and flexible that they can be installed in virtually any space, such as window displays, counters or testers, giving these spaces an exclusive and distinguished feel.

On-trend restaurants with Fitwall®

Restaurants can also make the most of the many advantages of installing decorative panels in their premises, both as decorative bar panels, as well as the walls.

panel decorativo barra restaurante

Fitwall® Rolling Vulcan Sand

Furthermore, a quality that is particularly important in this sector is resistance to fire. Fitwall® panels are fireproof and are certified with the Euroclase and ASTM classification.

panel decorativo pared restaurante

Fitwall® Concrete Series Arco White Sand

One way to enhance the aesthetics that these decorative panels can provide to the restaurant is the installation of LEDs that highlight their shapes to create a striking play of light and shadow in the premises.

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