Luxury series, colours that blend with nature

krion luxury series


For years decor and interior design have been moving towards a more natural style. The colours of nature range from the sea's powerful blue to the green of the fields. But, because of their simplicity and the ease with which they can be combined, the colours in the neutral range are outstanding.

Neutral tones are the whisper of nature, a subtle, insightful option, which can be part of an interior design for decades and never go out of fashion. 

These clean, sophisticated colours are ideal for making any space timeless, a foundation for the rest of the decoration, which can be more changeable. It is not surprising, therefore, that renowned designers, such as Kelly Hoppen, have chosen to use these tones as permanent elements in much of their work.

Luxury series

The Luxury Series by Krion® offers interior designers a range of stone-inspired surfaces in neutral tones that allow them to play with their own choice of colour combinations 

The series brings style and sophistication to any project, giving spaces a natural feel as part of a widespread trend towards a return to nature.

Its finish is uniform, modern and offers all the technical features of Krion® products.

Bianco Cloud

With its white background and fine grey veins, Bianco Cloud reminds us of the light, fluffy texture of clouds. Installed in any project, whether residential or commercial, the large-format sheets allow you to create continuous, uniform environments.

Its natural appearance, with grey veins that run across the surface like streams, provides a perfect light background for distinctive designs in spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and shops.


For more private, intimate spaces, we have chosen Hickory, inspired by the texture and density of ebony. This darker option, with deep reddish coffee tones and sinuous veins in brown and chocolate, make it the ideal surface for spaces where simplicity and privacy are paramount. 

Ideal spots include the wall behind the headboard in a bedroom, a boutique or a private alcove in a restaurant, enhancing the space with character and style and opening the door to a world of combinations.

Grey Stripes 

Modernity and balance are the main features of Grey Stripes, a model in the Luxury series that combines perfectly with other smooth finishes. 

With its white background and lines in various shades of grey, this model is ideal both for interesting combinations in a light setting and for visually extending spaces horizontally or vertically, depending on the direction of the veins.

Snow Cloudy 

Marble never goes out of fashion. Interior designers who understand this use Snow Cloudy, from the Luxury Series, to create timeless spaces. This stone collection inspired by marble will bring personality and sophistication to any room.

With small granules and delicate, winding grey veins on a white background, Snow Cloudy will add a touch of distinction to any space, from a bathroom or hotel lobby to a traditional living room.

Coffee Cream

Coffee Cream is the perfect stone finish for spaces where a distinctive and elegant effect is desired. From a commercial project, such as a restaurant or a café, to a home, its gentle swirling design enhances the appearance of any space.

With a beige background and brown, cinnamon and hazelnut veins that create delicate silky patterns, the softness of Coffee Cream is only surpassed by the vitality it adds to any public or private space.