Bar design: how to blend aesthetics and functionality with Krion


Interior design plays a crucial role in the hospitality industry. It is becoming increasingly important, especially when the subject is bars. These spaces are not only a meeting point between staff and customers, but also a reflection of the personality and essence of the establishment as a whole.

A well-designed bar improves the functionality and efficiency of service, creates a welcoming and attractive atmosphere, and invites customers to relax and enjoy their time in the establishment.

In this respect, the use of high quality and visually appealing materials such as Krion®, Fitwall® or Alluslate® can make all the difference.

The latest trends in bar design

The current trend in bar design is towards the creation of spaces that merge modernity and practicality. Although each bar has its own personality and style, some of the trends we are going to see below can serve as inspiration to give life to the establishment you are going to design: 

A clean bar with minimalist lines 

Minimalism has been, is and will continue to be one of the strongest trends in bars. Clean lines and simple shapes dominate the design to invite the customer to relax and enjoy a pleasant and orderly environment. This trend is aligned with the use of Krion®, whose thermocurving capacity permits the creation of pieces with pure lines and smooth surfaces.  

A sustainable and modern bar

If there is one thing that a bar should not be missing, it is a commitment to sustainable materials, given a growing social conscience in this respect. That is why recyclable and resistant materials such as Krion® are so highly valued by designers and shop owners alike. 

Versatile bars

Bars today are a modern and versatile space, serving both as a service point and a place for socialising. Smart design will help customers interact easily while enjoying refreshments around the bar. 

Integrated technology 

Incorporating the latest technology into the bar is almost essential in today's world. Including USB charging stations is a growing trend, as is LED lighting.

In this sense, Krion® and the possibility of backlighting the spaces created with this material provide you with the luminous bar youneed to stand out.

Why choose Krion® in the bar design

Thanks to its high performance, Krion® is the solid surface of choice for many designers of restaurant spaces. It is a material that not only meets the aesthetic demands of modern design, but also offers a number of important functional benefits. 

As we have already mentioned, it is a mineral-based material that is highly resistant, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. This makes it a perfect choice to meet the needs of high traffic spaces such as bars and restaurants.

It can also be moulded into a multitude of shapes and is available in a wide range of colours, allowing designers to explore a huge range of possibilities, let their imagination run wild, and create truly unique bar counters. In other words, a totally personalised bar design breathes the essence of your establishment, conveys the intangible value of your brand, and boosts differentiation.

The Krion® design for discerning customers

Bar counters that have been designed with Krion® as the main material reflect a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Quality and refinement are reflected in every inch of its surface and provide an eye-catching visual feature.

Maintenance and hygiene: critical in any environment where food is served 

In a sector such as the hospitality industry, Krion® stands out as a non-porous surface, which prevents bacteria build-up and is very easy to clean. Undoubtedly, this becomes an essential feature in an environment such as a bar, where cleanliness is paramount. 

On the other hand, as it is a high performance solid surface and resistant, it can be easily repaired in the event of damage. 

If you want to delve further into the suitability of this material in bars, take a look at this article: Krion™ solid surface: a hygienic and safe material for the hotel sector.

Fitwall® and Alluslate®, hand in hand with Krion® for integrated design 

In addition to Krion®, materials such as Fitwall® and Alluslate® can be very suitable for bar cladding. Its combination with Krion® will allow you to harmoniously integrate different styles in the design and achieve a complete solution that fits like a glove to the needs of your project. 

Without a doubt, a well thought-out bar design executed with high quality materials, such as Krion®, Fitwall® and Alluslate® can transform an ordinary bar into a unique space.