Modern home designs: innovation and trends by Krion®

modern house designs


If you're looking for materials which are aesthetically pleasing, functional and sustainable for modern home designs, Krion® is one of the best options. Its versatility allows you to create spaces that will be a personal haven and a pioneer of innovation and trends at the same time. 

Modern façades and furniture

Façades are a home's cover letter, but also a declaration of intent with regard to design and efficiency. Krion® goes above and beyond conventional materials thanks to the ways it can be moulded, joined and thermoformed, allowing you to create façades that become works of art.

Its resistance to impacts and extreme weather conditions, as well as its colour stability against UV rays and temperature changes, make it a suitable material for the construction of façades.

The highly mineral composition of Krion® provides thermal insulation, which makes homes more comfortable, turns them into a refuge from external temperatures and significantly reduces energy consumption, while its acoustic insulation guarantees the peace and quiet needed in a modern home. 

As for furniture, using Krion® solid surface also offers tangible advantages. Its thermoforming capacities allow you to create designer furniture from scratch in original shapes, which are easy to maintain and very resistant to scratches, knocks and the passage of time. 

Modern bathroom designs to give your refuge a boost

Today more than ever, bathrooms are a personal space for self-care and relaxation. A sanctuary within a home, where design and functionality must go hand in hand. 

Krion Bath is the perfect ally for those who want to show off the latest trends in modern bathroom designs, such as:

  • Krion Shell® eco-friendly countertops, together with bathtubs and shower trays made from Krion® Solid and Krion Shell®.

  • Mirrors with LED lighting, which provide a refined aesthetic while promoting sustainability and custom design. 

With Krion, you can design a space that exudes harmony and purity while maintaining all necessary technical properties: stain resistance, easy cleaning and the ability to adapt to any design. A focus point that combines innovation with concern for the environment. This results in bathrooms that are not only aesthetically stunning, but are also aligned with the conscious and sustainable lifestyle that is now much sought after.

Cladding bathroom walls with Alluslate® aluminium panels adds a touch of style and exclusivity to modern homes.

The coolest worktops for your kitchen projects

When it comes to kitchens, worktops are the star of the show. Not just for their usefulness, but also for their ability to define the style of a space. Krion® worktops are a cutting-edge solution for professionals who want to integrate a distinctive touch into their projects. 

Their seamless surfaces, as well as the visual continuity they offer, extend the sense of space and provide an unrivalled feeling of fluidity and cleanliness. 

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Its range of colours and finishes gives architects and designers the freedom to choose and customise spaces according to the specific needs of each project. This turns worktops into both functional items and central aesthetic pieces.

Moreover, its stain resistance, low maintenance needs and ease of repair make Krion® a smart choice for long-term investment, particularly given the importance of durability and sustainability in modern home designs. 

Decorative panels to create unique rooms

Customisation and uniqueness are also key in modern home designs. Fitwall® and Alluslate® decorative panels add texture and character to any room.

From a headboard designed with Fitwall®, which adds volume and texture, to Alluslate® wall cladding in the living room or bathroom, which adds a unique sense of movement as well as depth and warmth, these panels serve for much more than decoration. Their use introduces innovation to your designs and a practical and aesthetic solution, which stands out for its easy installation and maintenance.

Fitwall® and Alluslate® feature original organic and textured designs, and their formats are ideal for projects that require fast and efficient assembly. These materials have been created to personalise modern home designs and more exclusive projects.