Bleisure: how to create a paradise-like hotel experience for your guests


The hotel industry faces the challenge of adapting to new market demands and trends. One of the concepts that has recently gained traction is Bleisure, 

This trend not only meets a new need among business travellers, but is also a unique opportunity for hotel developers, managers and creatives.

By offering an enriching experience that goes beyond traditional accommodation, we can make our visitors feel 'at home'. Do you want your accommodation to be a paradise for your guests?  

What is Bleisure?: explore this trend to design an upscale hotel

Bleisure is the solution for a new generation of business travellers who want to include periods of rest and relaxation during their business trip. In response to this demand, hotels have evolved into places where work and relaxation seamlessly coexist.

An article from ESIC Business & Marketing School highlights that Bleisure offers an experience that harmoniously blends the essential elements of comfort and functionality required for work, alongside the services and amenities essential for enjoying leisure and relaxation.

If you want to design an experience hotel that embraces the Bleisure trend, you need to know that every detail counts. From the choice of materials to the perfect shades of colour to the layout of the rooms... everything must be done with the same goal in mind: to make sure the guest feels at home and can fully enjoy an unforgettable experience. 

Business travellers place particular emphasis on functionality and comfort, but they also look for spaces where they can switch off and relax. Therefore, the design must be able to intelligently separate working and resting areas without losing the cosy and warm essence that makes a real home.

To fulfil this mission, the support of state-of-the-art solutions such as our material Krion® is important. Krion® is ideal for façades, furniture and worktops; Fitwall® and Alluslate® panels are perfect for differentiating environments and adding personality to the atmosphere; and you can use Krion Shell® to make the bathroom an eco-efficient space. They all help to create unique and comfortable environments that meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests.

Tips for creating a memorable hotel experience

In today's hotel industry, design and user experience have become critical factors in attracting and retaining guests. Here are some tips on how to take your hotel to the next level and create memorable experiences for business travellers following the Bleisure trend:

Opt for sustainable and premium materials. 

The choice of materials is a statement about the values of your hotel. Do you want to evoke a sense of elegance, sustainability, modernity, and exclusivity among your guests? In that case, the selection of materials like Krion® can significantly enhance the appearance of facades, reception desks, and hotel furnishings.

Opt for a functional and adaptable design 

A smart design allows you to appropriately separate the different areas of the hotel, keeping work and recreation separate. Fitwall® and Alluslate® allow you to separate the spaces, creating an inviting and modern ambience to maximise flexibility. 

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Enrich the experience with innovative technology 

Technology is your ally to enrich the guest's experience. Smart lighting, automated check in and check out systems and a high-speed internet connection will make your stay much more pleasant and comfortable for business travellers.

Create spaces for relaxation and leisure 

Alluslate® Forest Green Matt Coatings

Create both shared and private areas that invite people to relax and enjoy themselves. Offer a wellness experience in private spaces by choosing Krion Bath® products for the bathroom in bedrooms to create a haven for self-care. In these environments, guests can switch off and enjoy tranquil moments that enrich their experience. 

Krion Bath Spirit cabinet

Create social and environmental responsibility initiatives 

Promote responsible and sustainable practises to contribute to a more sustainable world and attract guests who share these values. Not only do they build a positive reputation, but they also contribute to the protection of the environment. One way to do this is to use recycled material such as Fitwall® or Krion Shell® in bathroom fixtures.


Fitwall® Palm headboard

By following these tips for embracing the Bleisure trend and choosing innovative materials and solutions, you can create a hotel experience that not only meets guests' needs but also exceeds their expectations. Make them feel at home, even when they are away on business, balancing work and leisure. Dare to do something new and create a space that will be an unforgettable paradise for your guests.