Affinity, everything you need to be a Krion® fabricator



Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo is a company which understands and listens to professional's problems and needs. Affinity was created with that goal in mind, a program which welcomes, takes care of and accompanies professionals from the sector from the moment they start their journey with Krion.

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What is Krion® Affinity?

The Affinity program is the first level of support for professionals who decide to bank on our Solid Surface. It offers specialised and continuous training which prepares them for their work with Krion®. In addition, they are given ongoing support from the technical department regarding any doubts, questions or difficulties that may arise during the project implementation.

The professionals from the sector who decide to take the step and join our great family have everything they need in our workshop to become fabricators, since Krion® is manufactured in a similar way to wood. Hence, new business channels can be opened without the need for changes or large investments.

krion professionals

The advantages of Krion® Affinity

Affinity bases its foundations on mutual trust, professional proximity and loyalty. Thus, professionals have a series of benefits which make the path to new projects easier.

  • Synergies: The Affinity program has events and training days in which relationships are established which make all parties stronger.
  • Support: From the moment a professional becomes a part of the Affinity program, they can rely on company support and help sorting problems out.
  • Knowledge: in the Affinity platform, professionals registered on the program have technical material: fabrication manuals, technical notes and explanatory videos; all of which provides valuable information to achieve their objectives in each project

Laying a solid foundation on how the material is manufactured, how it performs, what its properties are and all the creative possibilities that it has, are key for carrying out successful projects.

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After securing the optimum level as a fabricator, professionals subscribed to the program can opt for becoming a Krion Associate Fabricator. One step further as a Krion® professional in which the benefits are multiplied, with custom-made support and technical advice in each project.