Krion™ Lux ventilated façades


A ventilated façade is a construction system that, year after year, has been further established with widespread acceptance among architects and builders, as it is an efficient, secure and sustainable construction system for building enclosures. 

Thanks to its easy installation, its high quality, its aesthetic possibilities, its reliability, its technical performance and its thermal and acoustic insulation advantages, it is a construction solution for the architecture of the future

The compact mineral Krion™ Lux increases the resistance of these façades through its high-tech performance and zero porosity. It is resistant to fire, moisture, blows and impacts, UV rays, stains and chemicals. 

Krion™ Lux façades stand out for their sustainable and hygienic nature. Their properties have made them one of the ideal materials for the construction of the most contemporary architecture. 

And Krion™ Lux ventilated façades in the lightest colours bring light and improved energy performance to the building as a whole, allowing energy savings of up to 30%.  

One of the projects carried out is the Waterways House building that has been rebuilt with a Krion® Lux ventilated façade.

It was one of the projects recognised as the Commercial Project of the Year in the 2019 Irish Construction Industry Awards. The structure of this building stands out because of its pure white colour and sustainable design. Two of the qualities achieved after installing the compact mineral Krion™ Lux, a lightweight material that resists changes in temperature, humidity and solar radiation, maintaining the appearance of the building's cladding like on the first day for longer, and its highly mineral composition improves thermal and acoustic insulation. Those are the materials that the architecture firm Smith + Kennedy Architects has chosen together with the construction company John Sisk & Son for this project.


Krion™ Lux allows exterior walls to be fitted with several thicknesses and different shapes, creating the sensation of a moving façade

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