Solid Surface Signage

Many of the projects and buildings created require adequate signage to provide as much information as possible to users and to convey a much more honed, innovative image. With the compact mineral Kron™, this process allows endless possibilities that help to offer a much more honed and exclusive image, whatever the function of the signs created.

In the case of Krion™ Solid Surface, the development and innovative signage design in buildings or facades is highly recommended due to its unparalleled properties. The fact that it is highly resistant to extreme environmental factors and can be cleaned and maintained easily allows signs to be created for airports and spaces dedicated to transport, commercial premises, and facades of large buildings. Furthermore, the possibility of using Krion™, which allows unique backlighting, helps to achieve incredible lighting effects.

Innovative Signage with Krion™

Discover the applications of the Solid Surface Krion™ and discover all the signage options that we offer you for carrying out exclusive, unique projects that capture the attention of all users.