What is a solid surface?


solid surface is a new-generation raw material made from the formulation of a combination of mineral and resin. Krion™ is the solid surface from Porcelanosa Group, a solid, hygienic, non-porous and homogeneous material, composed of two parts aluminium hydroxide powder and one part high quality acrylic resin, in addition to exclusive additives developed by our R&D department.

The aluminium trihydroxide (ATH) used is extracted from the mineral known as bauxite and it is refined prior to use, reaching a purity of up to 99.8%.

This composition gives Krion clear, exclusive and differentiating features: it is non-porous, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, hard-wearing, resistant, durable, easy to repair, low maintenance and easy to clean.

It comes in the form of sheets of different sizes and thicknesses, with semi-finished products for the bathroom and kitchen, and it is worked in a similar way to wood, allowing us to use the same tools. 

Both the elements made by injection and the sheets can be joined using the Krion™ adhesive, with its exclusive composition, guaranteeing imperceptible joints and a smooth, strong and secure bond. This is how we achieve a seamless finish and prevent the accumulation of dirt, making cleaning and maintaining the surface easier.

Properties and characteristics

  • Non-porous and prevents the proliferation of active microorganisms

As it is non-porous, there are no gaps in which organic residue could accumulate and serve as a breeding ground for microorganisms, thereby preventing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. This has been verified by tests conducted under the standards ASTM G21, ASTM G22 and UNE-EN ISO 846 at world renowned institutions. 

  • Sustainable

This material is inert and does not harm the environment. It is 100% recyclable and products manufactured with Krion™ can be reprocessed and reused. This is the case with some of the Krion™ chromatic series. Among the more than 100 colours available, there are some shades in which manufacturing waste and surplus have been used to create new colours and designs, amounting to up to 40% of recycled material in some cases.

  • Safe

Through the REACH certificate, Krion ensures that there are no dangerous or toxic substances for humans in its composition, as well as being Free of Bisphenol A. This material is certified with the Declare programme, which guarantees that none of the materials in its composition are Red List building materials

  • Low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Thanks to its exclusive composition, the use of high-quality inert materials (ATH) and the latest generation acrylic resins, Krion™ does not generate volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

These compounds are chemicals that, like all materials including resin in their composition, generate emissions, producing, in some cases, concentrations in the air that are harmful to health. Krion, as the latest generation Solid Surface, has been subjected to the strictest controls to ensure that it does not emit these compounds, contributing to maintaining optimum air quality in the places where it is installed. This is corroborated by the GREENGUARD GOLD certificate, for both the sheets and the adhesive, which certifies it as a material with such low emissions that it is recommended for use in educational and healthcare environments, and it is recognised by certifications such as LEED and CHPS.

In addition, Krion has recently been classified as A+Label, the best possible classification, according to Decree No. 2011-321 of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, thanks to its low VOC emissions.

  • Easy to clean

The material is easy to maintain and repair, in the unlikely event of any damage, without altering its properties or appearance.

  • High durability and resistance to chemical disinfectant agents

  • Highly fire resistant

Krion is flame retardant. With Euroclass classification B-s1, d0, in accordance with the standard UNE-EN 13501-1, this material ensures a high level of quality, because it does not emit toxic or dense smoke (s1) that make evacuations difficult in the event of a fire. It also does not contribute to spreading the fire as it does not produce flaming droplets that can spread flames (d0). With category B1 without restrictions according to DIN 4102-1 or classified as "Class A" according to ASTM E84, the material complies with the most demanding regulations, as it does not enable, and prevents, the spread of fire.

  • Thermocurvable

The Krion™ sheets can be moulded through the application of heat, allowing the creation of 2-D and 3-D shapes, and a complete adaptation of the material to the space and project. It recovers its rigidity once cooled, maintaining the shape moulded.

  • Imperceptible joints 

  • Suitable for the use of food stuffs (NSF certificates for some colours)

  • Impact resistant

  • Helps soundproofing

  • 100% eco-friendly and recyclable.

All products made of Krion can be reprocessed and reused in the production cycle. It also complies with the SCS certificate for reprocessing and recycling materials, obtaining materials with a minimum of 6%, 12%, 20% or 40% recycled compound.

  • Inert

Krion™ is a material that remains inactive, it does not harm or interact with the environment, and it is respectful of nature and safe for society.

  • Backlighting: It allows for the possibility of embedding logos and images into any element, as well as large surfaces or fully illuminated counters.

  • Low thermal conductivity

It is an ideal material for covering any room, from the building's façade to the interior wall tiles, facilitating the climate control of the space, enhancing the well-being and comfort of customers, as well as contributing to energy savings in hotel facilities.

Other materials, such as natural stone or technological quartz, have greater conductivity, causing a greater temperature loss in the facilities.

  • High mineral composition

  • Resistant to solar radiation, compression and extreme environments

  • Ultra white

Technically, Krion achieves a whiteness level of over 99.8%, which, in combination with its high refractive index, results in a luminous and pure material, unusual in solid materials.

Advantages of the Krion™ solid surface

  • Continuous surfaces with no joints

One of the great advantages of Krion compared to other materials is that large surfaces can be created with no visible joints. This continuity is both aesthetic and functional, since the absence of joints is a simple, effective way to maintain hygiene. Unlike other materials such as wood or stone -which are either installed with joints or, to remove them, require an industrial process that cannot be done in situ- the Krion solid surface can be bonded on site, thus helping to achieve better fitting and finishing. 

This bond is made using the Krion adhesive. Krion™ adhesives are formulated to provide aesthetic and functional continuity, with high tensile strength at joints.

Furthermore, designed to offer the customer a state-of-the-art material, with the highest quality and suitable for the most demanding uses, Krionadhesives are NSF-51-certified as suitable for contact with food, and they also have the GREENGUARD GOLD certification for being a material with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Recently, due to these low VOC emissions, Krion adhesives have been classified as A+ according to ISO 16000.

  •  Krion™ does not allow for the proliferation or growth of bacteria or fungi on its surface

The zero porosity offered by this material prevents organic waste from accumulating on its surface which would facilitate the development and growth of microorganisms. The material prevents the proliferation of these compounds, eliminating them naturally.

Easy cleaning, high chemical resistance, even to the strongest cleaning agents and disinfectants, and the possibility of seamless installation make Krion the perfect material to equip areas where there is an extreme need for cleanliness and hygiene, such as healthcare settings. The material's ability, as confirmed by tests carried out at independent institutions under the standards ASTM G21 and UNE-EN ISO 846, to prevent both fungi and bacteria from finding a way to propagate means that with regular cleaning, any infectious matter on the surface is removed. 

Other materials considered anti-bacterial achieve this property by using additives that either become less effective with cleaning and over time, or that can cause bacteria to develop resistance to them. On the other hand, Krion, as it is not anti-bacterial but rather it impedes the growth and propagation of bacteria, prevents their proliferation and it can be easily cleaned without causing the development of resistant strains. Also, due to its high resistance, the material can also manage anti-legionella treatments at high temperatures, necessary for cleaning and maintaining other elements of the installation, without suffering any wear or deterioration.

  • Durability

Its high mineral composition gives it great robustness against impacts, shocks, chips or cracks, providing a tough and firm material.

  • High resistance, easy to clean and simple to maintain: a non-permeable material resistant to chemical agents

As a non-porous material highly resistant to chemical agents, including strong and aggressive cleaners, Krion is easy to clean, as demonstrated by the tests conducted under ISO 19712-2 and NEMA LD3.

Unlike other materials, such as natural stone or technological quartz, Krion is highly stable against damage from chemical products, including some such as sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid. For this type of stain, it is important to clean the surface promptly. According to tests conducted under the standard ISO 19712-2, virtually any cleaning product can be used for disinfection and hygienic purposes, thus resulting in quick and simple cleaning, which allows for lower maintenance cost for the facilities. And even more so, because of its high performance and its high level of development. Krion comes with the Cleaning Kit for cleaning the most superficial and common stains, as well as the Regeneration Kit, in the event of burns, scratches, aggressive stains, etc.

Furthermore, as a solid, homogeneous surface without layers, it can be regenerated easily, recovering its initial state and maintaining its properties and characteristics throughout its entire structure. Thanks to its robustness against chemical agents, its easy maintenance and high mechanical resistance, Krion™ is a durable material and, therefore, it represents a long-term investment for facilities.

  • Suitable for contact with food

Thanks to its anti-microorganism properties, its seamless joints, the ease of adapting to designs, avoiding corners and angles, and its composition, Krion offers a high degree of hygiene and cleanliness to the surfaces made with it. For this reason, it has been certified according to the NSF/ANSI-51 "Food Equipment Materials" standard at the highest FOOD ZONE level, recommended for installation in areas where it is in direct contact with food, unlike other materials certified as SPLASH ZONE, which are only suitable for areas where food spillages or splashes may occur, but never direct contact. 

  • Acoustic insulation

Due to its unique composition and refined particle size, Krion is a non-porous compact material, which makes it perfect for applications where acoustic insulation in important, such as walls in bedrooms, common areas or meeting rooms. These characteristics have been tested in different specialised centres, according to the standard ISO 717-1: 2013, whereby Krion has an overall acoustic insulation value of 33.5 dBA. 

  • Thermocurvable

Its thermocurvable properties make it mouldable and malleable, allowing designers to express their creativity without limits and achieve shapes that would be impossible with other materials. All this, without losing any of its properties, as it is a solid surface material.

  • Colours, finishes and textures

Krion™ comes in more than 100 shades, offering a wide range of colours, textures and finishes, with the advantages of a solid material. 

  • High design and customisation capacity

Given the decorative and design possibilities offered by the material, companies can take advantage to fully customise their projects, reflecting their brand identity and personality. 

Use of the solid surface Krion™ in sectors and their applications

The applications of the solid surface as a material are unlimited. The product is comes in sheets of different sizes and thickness, which we can transform to manufacture any 100% customisable applications. We also offer finished products for the bathroom and kitchen. 

Krion™ is a limitless material that allows us to successfully explore any market and sector:

Business premises and companies

-       Commercial furniture

-       Exhibitors

-       Office furniture

-       Countertops

-       Wall tiles

-       Signage

-       Communal bathrooms


-       Room furniture

-       Bathrooms

-       Restaurant furniture

-       Countertops

-       Communal bathrooms

-       Signage

-       Wall tiles

-       Office furniture

Restaurants and cafés:

-       Restaurant furniture

-       Countertops

-       Bathrooms

-       Signage

-       Wall tiles

-       Offices and customer service

-       Office furniture

-       Counters

-       Exhibitors

-       Countertops

-       Wall tiles

-       Bathrooms

-       Signage

Healthcare and laboratories:

-       Clinical furniture

-       Countertops

-       Wash basins

-       Wall tiles

-       Bathrooms

-       Surgical washbasins

Public buildings and education:

-       Office furniture

-       Counters

-       Wall tiles

-       Bathrooms

-       Commercial furniture

-       Signage


-       Office furniture

-       Counters

-       Wall tiles


-       Kitchen

-       Kitchen worktops

-       Solid Surface kitchen sinks

-       Bathroom

-       Bathroom countertops

-       Solid Surface washbasins

-       Solid Surface shower trays

-       Solid Surface free-standing bathtubs

-       Solid Surface kitchen and bathroom accessories

-       Decorative furniture

-       Wall tiles

Industrial products:

-       Furniture

-       Wall tiles

-       Household appliances 

Frequently asked questions about the maintenance of the solid surface

How to clean the solid surface

To clean and maintain the solid surface from Krion you simply need something as natural as water. Krion comes with the Cleaning Kit for cleaning the most superficial and common stains, as well as the Regeneration Kit for serious accidents such as: burns, scratches, aggressive stains, etc.

How to polish the solid surface

As a finishing touch to the solid surface transformation process, we sand the material to give it a texture, either stony or fine.

Sanding must be done with the appropriate equipment, and the final finish is obtained by carrying out successive sanding. The surface is sanded until the material is uniform.

In the case of repairs, with a subsequent sanding we manage to restore the surface, recovering the initial state of the material. 

How to give different finishes to the solid surface

The process by which we manage to give the shine, high shine or matte finishes to Krion™ is sanding. This must be done with the appropriate material for each of the effects and through a repeated sanding process.

How to repair a solid surface worktop

Basic instructions for repairing Krion™ Solid Surface. If a crack appears, for example, follow the instructions below to resolve the problem:

1. If we have a sheet with a crack, the first thing we do is buff it.

2. We fit a strip of the same material to the buffing of the crack.

3. We then clean, apply the adhesive, wait 45 minutes and sand.

4. If we use chemical welding, the waiting time before sanding is 24 hours. 

With a subsequent sanding we manage to restore the surface, recovering the initial state of the material.