Fitwall™, the new decorative panels by Krion


Krion has developed a new material: Fitwall™, decorative panels with a predominantly mineral composition and highly realistic finishes.

It can be used to face furniture and fittings or to tile walls, creating environments with unique reliefs and textures.

The launch of Fitwall aroused great interest in the new material, and here are our responses to some of the queries that you have sent us. 


What are its advantages compared with other materials? 

The first great advantage of Fitwall decorative panels is that they are very light, weighing from 6 to 10 kg/m2, which, together with the fact that they can be cut to size, means that they can be adapted to any space. Installation is very simple and does not require specific equipment or building work. 


Is it resistant? 

Yes, it is highly durable, whether used indoors or outdoors, and, in the event of breakage, it is simple to repair.

The material is water-repellent making the panels highly resistant to moisture, so they are suitable for use outdoors and in wet areas, such as bathrooms. 


Can Fitwall be used on curved walls? 

Fitwall is sufficiently flexible to adapt to different forms of wall, including curves, depending on the model.  


What type of cleaning does it require? 

As the outer layer does not absorb liquids, cleaning is simple and easy. 


What type of designs are there? 

Fitwall has a natural appearance, with innovative and exclusive designs available in 4 collections: 


  • Concrete Series: The Wave, Arco and Rolling models in this series have subtle and delicate forms that generate contrasts, inspired by Roman architecture and exotic styles. 


  • Cotto Series: the Matonella model in this series resembles earthenware, offering a unique potential for original décor. 


  • Wood Series: similar in appearance to natural wood, the Doghe model is distinguished and sophisticated, a decorative panel that conveys elegance and serenity.


  • Creative Series: this collection comprises four designs: Willow, whose calming tones create a welcoming atmosphere; Palm, a series with a woven effect that adds volume to the décor; Shades, with its contemporary, sophisticated style, is a striking design option that leaves a lasting impression; and finally, Oz, a highly original combination of different textures that can make any space unique.



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