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Designing hotel bathrooms can pose a challenge to interior designers who want to squeeze every last drop out of the decoration and provide a unique experience for guests. 

With this goal in mind, designers from all over the world have found in Krion and its materials the perfect partner for designing hotel bathrooms. So if you're looking for inspiration in this area, pay close attention to what we have to tell you. Join the new era of hotel design with these ideas. 

Design and layout ideas for hotel bathrooms

Whether it's for bathrooms in luxury hotels or for decorating boutique bathrooms, it's important to keep in mind a few important trends and keys before defining the design and layout: 

  1. The open bathroom concept is in. 
  2. Organic, sustainable materials that are pleasant to touch have become amustin hotel design.
  3. The hotel bathroom is a space that must be clean and pure to make guests feel truly comfortable and protected. 
  4. Luxury is not found in shiny or expensive metals, but in the simplicity, authenticity and details of the elements that are contained in the bathroom.
  5. A biophilic design, which aims to incorporate nature into the bathroom, allows the guest to connect with its interior and provides a unique experience. 

The most wanted: hotel bathrooms with a bathtub

The bathtub is synonymous with luxury and distinction. A hotel bathroom with a bathtub brings the spa into the bedroom, turning it into an intimate and pleasant space.

As for the layout, the bathtub has traditionally been placed in a corner or along a wall. However, new trends are moving the bathtub from its discreet position and placing it as the central element of the bathroom, or even the hotel room. 

More and more hotels are opting to put their bathtubs next to a window with views, or a transparent partition that looks out at the rest of the room. In these cases, curvy bathtubs are the most suitable. 

bañera de diseño hotel de lujo

Modern washbasins to create a contemporary hotel bathroom

The bathrooms in the most modern hotels must be beautiful, but also practical. The sink is an essential element and at Krion®, we have a wide range of washbasins to go with any style. 

For those who are looking for a minimalist, airy and continuous design, incorporating the sink into the countertop is the ideal option. But if the hotel's style is more classical or industrial, a pedestal sink is best.  

Regardless of the model, the most important aspect of a hotel bathroom solid surface washbasins is that there be a balance between its aesthetic and technical characteristics.

See it in Porcelanosa Projects

Developer: Hoteles del Mediterráneo

Execution of works: OCN Promociones

Product development: OCN Promociones

Architecture: Gry Asociados

Management and execution: Mario Garcia

Engineering: Ingeniería Arco

Hotel bathrooms with a shower tray: the most practical option

The bathtub and shower tray complement each other; they don't compete. Even in rooms with a bathtub, the shower tray has its place. For this bathroom component, hygiene and comfort must go hand in hand. 

This is where the shower trays made of Krion Shell® provide the perfect option. Their ability to conform to any space, the versatility of their designs and how easy they are to clean make them an ideal alternative. 

Combine this with the technical qualities of Krion Shell®, and you get the perfect material for this use. 

plato de ducha baño hotel de lujo

Flow Silk showertray

Designer walls in a hotel bathroom

Internal and decorative Krion surfaces are the perfect solution when you want to create a design that is original, but at the same time functional, practical and easy to clean. 

Alluslate® Forest Green

Alluslate® and its aluminum and mineral panels provide an option that offers color, style and texture to bathroom walls without compromising the technical qualities of Krion materials. 

Technical qualities such as sustainability, high fire resistance and easy installation, ideal for bathroom design. 

Alluslate® Capricce Nero