25th International Exhibition from PORCELANOSA Group - KRION SHOWROOM / Boutique - Clinic

25th International Exhibition from PORCELANOSA Group - KRION SHOWROOM / Boutique - Clinic


Continuing the tradition of KRION, we present our new products in different atmospheres divided by sectors. The possibilities of the material are extensive, and this year again we have focused on those we consider to represent a high volume of opportunities for use. This year, the selected sectors are: Opticians, Fast Food, Electronics, Boutiques, Clinics, Home, Hotel and Restaurant. Today we begin with two emerging sectors for KRION PORCELANOSA.



Its variety of colours, the possibility of backlighting, easy cleaning and regeneration, allowing simple sanding after years of use to leave the material as it

The new 8104 CALLA WHITE colour, belonging to the Royal Series, is presented along with T901 GRAFITE CLASSICO as a counter, surrounded by other new products transformed into units with the colours P101 OPALE BIANCO, T901 GRAFITE CLASSICO and L105 CARRARA DARK.

The facade made from sandblasted KRION 9104 WHITE CONCRETE must be highlighted, along with the aesthetic possibilities of our material.





If anyone asks, “why should I consider KRION for the healthcare sector?”, we can offer a long list of advantages for Healthcare for hours. However, if we need to summarise the list we can mention its anti-bacterial properties (additive-free), easy cleaning, imperceptible joins, and now with K-LIFE and its KEAST technology, air purification, eliminating chemical products. This should be sufficient for KRION being considered one of the ideal materials for the healthcare sector.

Designed as a warm, welcoming space, the cream and white colours are the basis of this space presenting the new L505 BEIGE MARFIL colour from the LUXURY series, along with our top selling 1100 SNOW WHITE in the covering of the space. The counter also matches theses tones with A101 ASTEROID WHITE and 1100. This area is completed with the facade made with A101 ASTEROID WHITE and 6502 PEARL.