Krion Shell™, resistance and sustainability in bathroom equipment


Krion, in its ongoing eagerness to improve and explore, looks for new solutions to offer
people. From this work, a new product line has been created: Krion ShellTM. A resistant and sustainable material, with an impeccable surface which allows pieces to be created, meeting client needs and providing high resistance as well.

When we talk about Krion ShellTM, we are referring to an Engineered Mineral Composite carried out internally by Krion. A material used in the manufacturing of bathroom equipment, such as basins and shower trays.

The main feature of Krion ShellTM is that it is composed of two layers: The internal body is made of natural mineral (calcium carbonate) bonded with BioResina; which uses recycled PET material that comes from post-consumption, in its composition. The outer layer, however, has a solid and homogeneous consistency and it is made of alumina trihydrate and pigment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Krion ShellTM features

This special material has a series of special features which make it ideal for humid atmospheres which look for hygiene and durability without sacrificing the design.

1. Health: Krion ShellTM is solid and non-porous, which prevents the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms on its surface.

2. Density and hardness: these characteristics are given by the high mineral load inside and the resistance of the alumina trihydrate coating.

3. Easy cleaning and repair: The resistance of the material and its zero porosity simplify daily cleaning with basic products such as liquid soap, water and cloths. In case of damage such as scratches or small holes on the surface, Krion offers a repair KIT which ensures the maintenance and durability of Krion ShellTM, leaving it as good as new.

4. Hygiene: The material does not contain or produce chemical substances which are dangerous to people's health, nor does it give off Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) during the use of the material.

5. Less noise: it is a material with a great capacity of noise absorption during its use, which makes it ideal for residential and the hotel sector.

6. Certificates: Krion ShellTM is certified as a hygienic and safe material for people, contributing to more beneficial spaces for them.

- SCS: a certificate which guarantees that Krion ShellTM contains a minimum of 5% recycled material.

- GreenGuard: a certificate for products with a low chemical emission.

- REACH: a certificate which guarantees that the Krion ShellTM composition is safe for use.

Advantages of using Krion ShellTM in bathroom equipment

Krion ShellTM is designed to provide functional, aesthetic and sustainable solutions in the bathroom, whether it be in public spaces or high traffic areas, such as: hotels, restaurants, shopping centres or the home.

Krion ShellTM follows the environmental policy and Krion's concern to improve people's quality of life. It includes recycled material that comes from post-consumption in the composition of its BioResina, giving a new life to a discarded material. In addition, it offers an aseptic and hygienic atmosphere since it prevents the development of pathogens in an atmosphere that is sensitive like a bathroom .

Features that, together with the versatility that KrionTMoffers for each project, result in unique pieces for spaces with personality.

New KrionShell™ washbasins | Elements

Available in three versions, integrated, semi-integrated and on above, KrionShell™ washbasins combine perfection and functionality. Its wide variety of formats, sizes and finishes, make this sink a very versatile product that adapts to different shapes and needs.