Only a material like KRION® is capable of successfully transforming the most complex ideas into authentic realities. Thanks to its countless properties and characteristics, this new generation solid surface allows the construction and development of different designs and projects which could not be achieved with other materials.

Carry out projects with unique designs using the solid surface KRION® and take advantage of all of its properties. Additionally, you will be able to select from a wide range of 85 colours, including the purest white, and make the most of the great possibilities of its design. Make everything you can imagine possible with this compact mineral developed by Systempool, creating complex shapes without any difficulty. Its easy manipulation and malleability allow everything that creators can imagine to be produced.

Solid Surface KRION® design and decoration

Discover all the opportunities that the compact mineral KRION® offers in terms of the design of spaces or decorative elements, and make your ideas a reality.