Colour psychology in store design

Psicología del color en el diseño de tiendas


Colour psychology has become one of the most popular techniques in the retail sector for conveying brand identity. Colours have been recognised as powerful catalysts of emotions, able to inspire and attract both current and potential customers.

One of the industry's constant challenges is to offer a sublime experience and, to do so, it is essential to connect. The use of the ideal colour helps businesses to awaken a sense of connection with their establishment, their product-service, and their brand, creating a powerful bond with their target audience.

In this article we explore the psychology of colour applied to the design of shops, explaining how Krion® Lux Colours can become the ideal partner thanks to its wide range of colours.

The importance of colour to enhance successful purchasing experiences

In store design, colour psychology plays a key role in focusing on customers' emotions, behaviours and reactions that different tones create in people. Each nuance has an intrinsic meaning, and understanding this language is essential to effectively connect with your public.

This field of study recognises that each colour can have diverse interpretations, influenced by factors such as education, gender, culture and values. It is therefore important to choose the most suitable shades depending on the market segment you are targeting.

Therefore, this context challenges us to select colours not only because of their aesthetics, but also because of our values, because of what we want to convey and the emotional connection we seek to establish with our audience. 

Colours to connect to a shop's target audience

Each nuance is able to communicate subtle messages and shape perceptions in the fascinating world of the business environment.


White is a timeless colour that evokes purity, simplicity and luminosity. 

In the design of shops, white is a perfect choice for a sense of cleanliness and spaciousness and is ideally suited to small spaces. It can also be combined with a wide choice of colours, allowing great flexibility. 

This colour is especially recommended for establishments related to beauty and health, such as hospitals or dental clinics. 

White is not just white. There are a multitude of nuances to incorporate it into counters and store furniture:

  • 1100. Krion® K-Life 1100

  • 6101. Frost White

  • 0101. White nature

  • 9104. White Concrete

  • 9105. Elegant White

  • 9106. White Copper

  • L108. Snow Cloudy

  • L109. Bianco Cloud


Blue, with its soothing aura, evokes a sense of serenity and trust. For this reason, it is one of the most popular colours. 

Blue is a great choice for establishments that seek to build trust and provide customers with a quiet and relaxed experience, such as doctors' offices or law firms.

You can use the exact shade to design a space in total harmony:

  • 6701. Blue Sky

  • 6702. Atlantic Blue

  • 6704. Navy Blue

  • 6705. Teal blue


Green is so much more than just a colour; it is the very essence of nature. It stimulates harmony in the brain, and encourages balance between body and emotions, leading to decision-making.

According to various studies, it is also the most pleasant colour to look at.

It constitutes a resource with great potential to convey growth, harmony and honesty. Ideal for shops that sell organic, ecological or wellness products.

To awaken these sensations with the freshness of nature in the centre, you can choose to design the furniture in some of these tones:

  • 6601. Fall Green

  • 4601. Green Light


Pink immerses itself in a palette of values that embrace romance, empathy and sensitivity. This colour dissipates worries and softens any environment.

In the design of shops, pink, the embodiment of coquetry and beauty, finds its place in establishments that aim to project a sweet and feminine image, such as boutiques, beauty salons and cosmetics shops.

If this is the positioning of your business, discover the delicacy and beauty of the most select shade of pink:

  • 6402. Pillow Pink



Yellow, due to its vitality, finds its place in shops that seek to convey a sense of well-being, optimism and positivity. In the design of work spaces or libraries, a softer version of yellow can favour concentration and provide an inspiring environment. 

However, it is essential to use it in moderation to avoid possible negative associations in certain cultures and to take advantage of its full potential to generate a positive impact. 

With our yellow range, you will be able to add the exact touch of vitality:

  • 6201. Imperial Yellow

  • L508. Nebula Vanila


Orange represents joy, creativity and warmth. In store design, it represents a strategic choice for spaces that want to convey dynamism and create an optimistic and energy-filled shopping experience.

In sectors such as technology, where innovation is vital, orange used in design or lighting elements can infuse an environment that motivates shoppers to enter the store and stay there.

It is also effective in sports related businesses, where knowing how to play with a feeling of energy is essential.

Here are some shades to trigger a new level of enthusiasm:

  • 6301. Fruit

  • 6506. Greggio


Grey, a versatile and timeless shade, is the epitome of neutrality and understated elegance. It represents stability, sophistication and seriousness.

It's perfect for generating an image of modern luxury. Grey walls, furniture or design details in this colour offer a neutral background that allow products and decorative elements to shine in their own light.

For this reason, our wide range of greys can offer the perfect solution in the design of high-end fashion boutiques:

  • 6502. Pearl

  • 6902. Light Grey

  • 6903. Grey

  • 6904. Bright

  • 6905. Ash Grey

  • 6906. Dark Grey

  • 6909. Colosseo Grey


Black represents sophistication and simplicity, evoking a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

It is ideal for creating elegant environments and highlighting the uniqueness of products. In designer boutiques or jewellers, black enhances the exquisiteness, refinement and exclusivity of the products.

  • 6901. Black Metal

  • 9905. Elegant Black

  • 9908. Black Gold

As you have read, every hue has the power to influence emotions and shape perceptions. Therefore, our versatile colour palette can be very useful for customising spaces, elevating the unique essence of each brand to a completely new level. A summit where you can convey the exact feeling to the ideal customer so that they can fully experience the purchase.