Ideas for the master bathroom in your home

Ideas for the master bathroom in your home


The main bathroom in the house: a private, inviting and versatile space designed for getting ready before you leave, and relaxing when you get home. 

To get your bathroom right you need to think carefully about the size, location and décor. Let's take a look at some ideas for decorating the master bathroom in your home

The minimum dimensions of a bathroom

Before you start thinking about how you can make the best use of space, you really need to think about the dimensions. Your bathroom needs to be a certain minimum size for it to work at a practical level. Check the minimum dimensions for each bathroom element. This helps you calculate how much space you need.

You'll need a minimum of 70 x 120 centimetres for the toilet, but the optimum is 90 x 120 cm. Your shower needs at least 70 x 70 centimetres plus a minimum of 50 centimetres around it, so you can move around more easily. 

If you'd like to install a bidet, it needs the same amount of space as a toilet. And if you want to include a bath, that will take up 70 x 100 cm at the very least. Finally, you'll need at least 45 x 60 cm for the washbasin

When you're working on the layout, think about the space required for each element - this is particularly important if you have a small bathroom. 

Master bathroom: 2 types

You can choose from three main layout types when planning which is best for your home's master bathroom: an en-suite, having the bathroom fully open to the bedroom area, or installing a completely separate bathroom. 

  • Whether you go for an en-suite or open bathroom, integrating it into the bedroom is great if your routine involves a trip to the bathroom before bed - for a shower, your facial skincare regime or anything else. This convenient and practical option will give you more light in the bathroom and means everything is easily accessible.
  • On the other hand, a separate bathroom also comes with advantages; especially if you've got a different routine to your partner. It could be that one of you goes to bed much earlier, or one of you likes a shower right before bed. A separate bathroom is also a good idea for light sleepers or early risers. 

How to decorate your master bathroom

Now you've thought about the minimum dimensions and where to put your bathroom, it's time to get to our favourite bit: décor. Want to transform your master bathroom into a true haven in the home? Take note. If you want more inspiration, you can reach our post of ideas for deoring minimalist bathrooms

Get your lighting right

Lighting might not be the first thing that comes to mind with bathroom décor. But it has a major influence on the way your bathroom will feel. 

A well-lit bathroom - with the right combination of ceiling lights and lighting around the washbasin area - will give you wonderfully tranquil results. Whether you use natural or artificial lighting, you want it to be bright. After all, it's a space where hygiene takes priority. So, when you're decorating your bathroom you should always give lighting the attention it deserves.

Combine quality materials

Your bathroom could remain unchanged for more than a decade. Which is why it's important to choose long-lasting, hygienic and easy-to-repair materials.


If you're looking for next-level quality in the bathroom, washbasins, toilets, shower trays and baths made in Krion Solid Surface are ideal. The technical properties of the material make it perfect for ultimate hygiene and safety in the bathroom. Plus, it comes in various forms with designs to suit every style. 

Opt for timeless décor

Following the latest trends in the bathroom can be a mistake. Of course, anything you can remove (such as towels) can be as on-trend as you want. 

But it's a good idea to go for permanent elements (such as wall tiles, taps, bathroom suite and lighting) with a more timeless look. If you do this, your bathroom won't look dated as time (and trends) pass by. 

Add something special

Your bathroom is your everyday haven. It's where you can reconnect with yourself. Which is precisely why you should treat yourself and add some special pieces that make you happy. For example, if space allows (or your bathroom is integrated into the bedroom) a freestanding bath can give you an unrivalled sense of relaxation.

At Krion, our freestanding baths are designed with comfort and quality in mind. A warm, velvety feel and next-level hygiene come guaranteed. Make this stunning piece a priority for your bathroom. You won't regret it.