5 delightful kitchen projects using Krion®

Solid Surface kitchen


The kitchen is a unique space in the home, where the design and technical characteristics of the surfaces are especially significant. A balanced combination of both is key to ensuring this highly adaptable area of the house is functional and has its own personality.

Krion® Solid Surface is the perfect ally for this type of space. Almost totally non-porous with imperceptible joins, it is easy to repair and has important hygienic and bacteriostatic properties, offering countless design possibilities.

Here are five kitchen projects that you will love, both for their looks and for their functional qualities, designed to facilitate day-to-day living.

1.Minimalist kitchen projects

 Conde Altea, the ultimate infinite kitchen

We start our tour with the Conde Altea kitchen, part of a minimalist home designed by Chiralt Arquitectos.

This streamlined kitchen is the maximum expression of balance and continuity. With no handles or other distracting elements in sight, Krion® K·LIFE 1100's pure white contrasts with the wooden finish of the kitchen's upper units.

Harmony and purity combine in this kitchen photographed by Eva Pérez. LED lighting plays a special role, focusing on strategic points and highlighting the luminosity of the pure white finish. 


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Architect:Chiralt Arquitectos

Interior design: Mónica Vivó

Photo:Eva Pérez

2. Modern kitchen projects

Modern kitchens in the centre of Madrid

This kitchen designed by Attirare can be found in the centre of Madrid. A modern, minimal space designed with respect for symmetry. This Gamadecor E3.70 Emotions kitchen with rectangular structures and backlit walls illustrates the stunning geometry of the most modern kitchens.

The large rectangular island that runs the length of the kitchen is a hygienic and functional feature, thanks to its Krion® countertop and the practical integrated units which provide extra storage space.

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Architecture: Attirare

Design: Summun Studio

3. White kitchen projects

Kitchens that showcase the "total white" look

In small spaces, such as this Valencian property designed by Carlos Balada and Carlos Bonet from the Onside studio, the total white design rules.

The studio has opted for the magic of white, with its luminosity and capacity to make spaces feel bigger, as the predominant colour in this kitchen, which extends into the living room.

The whiteness of Krion®, combined with the absence of visible handles thanks to the recessed grip system, creates a wide, unlimited space, an effect that is enhanced by the large glass doors that separate the kitchen and dining area and allow light to enter from the exterior.

To break up the overwhelming sense of whiteness and add a touch of contrast, this design uses black appliances and a floor in Porcelanosa's Ascot Arce ceramic wood to give this “total white” kitchen a warmer and more welcoming touch.


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Architect: Onside

Photo: Alfonso Calza   

4. Mediterranean kitchens projects

Mediterranean kitchens that open onto the living room

This open-plan kitchen is the perfect example of a contemporary Mediterranean kitchen. It is open to the living room, making it an inviting space to share and spend convivial moments around the large island designed with Krion®.

This Emotions 4.70 Matt White kitchen by Gamadecor is notable not only for its smooth white cupboards, which hide appliances such as the fridge, or its versatile island, which serves both as a work area and a table for informal meals, but also because of its careful attention to detail.

LED lighting has been used to reinforce the integrated design and give a warmer tone to this kitchen.


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Property developer: Soinfa Real Estate

Architecture: Baldo Ric Qui

5. Futuristic kitchen projects

The most futuristic kitchen is in La Pagoda

If the present is white, the future is even more so. This concept perfectly defines this project designed with Krion® Solid Surface, the hygienic and durable material used to shape the countertops, benches and sinks in this kitchen. Krion® is combined with the Emotions 4.30 White Snow Matt kitchen units by Gamadecor, also lacquered in white, to create an immaculate white effect.

The timelessness of the XTONE floor and wall tiles, inspired by Calacatta marble, which are fitted throughout the kitchen, also contributes to the futuristic look, in which white contrasts dramatically with the dark tones chosen for the seats.

This kitchen, with its large, symmetrical spaces and strategically installed lighting, transports us to a very bright future.

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Study: SNC Artesanía en Obra

Photo: Germán Cabo