Manuel Alonso, Michelin star for the "Casa Manolo" restaurant, designs his own plates with KRION®

Manuel Alonso, Michelin star for the


Being honest with ourselves, when the Solid Surface of the PORCELANOSA Group, KRION® was created, it was done in the awareness that there are sectors where our material is suitable and recommendable, but we never came to think of the various applications in which it is now used: ranging from a ballpoint pen to a sculpture, glasses, speakers, strips, heaters, DJ tables... countless creations that have exceeded all our expectations, thanks to the imagination of our customers.

One of these applications that has surprised us most has been the creation of kitchenware, and we are proud that a Chef with a Michelin Star, Manuel Alonso, "Casa Manolo" Restaurant, thought of our material so that the culinary creations flow in parallel with the design of the plates. This fusion becomes a sublime work within everyone’s reach, and achievable by very few.

Nobody better than Manuel Alonso himself, Michelin Star and 2 Repsol Suns, to tell us about his experience with KRION®.

"”For me the creation and development of a recipe is not a product of chance, everything has to be meditated, everything has a reason, and together with the product and its preparation I needed a material to develop tableware that would be part of the overall creative process." "”Along with Carpintería Mira from Daimús, we carried out the development of the plates and supports for my recipes, because since I discovered this material I noticed that it brings warmth, beauty, harmony and neutrality to my plates and surrounds my creations with subtlety. In fact, KRION® has become my fetish material!”

"” We have now developed the plates for bread, for snacks, for rice, for desserts and we are developing a special plate for olive oil” "” I am proud of the final result, we have achieved a tableware that complements and perfectly highlights my creations”

Casa Manolo

Paseo Marítimo de Daimús, 5

46710 Daimús, Valencia, Spaom

Tel. +34 962 818 568