In-depth understanding of Krion™: thermoforming



We keep caring about the interior of the new generation of solid surface material developed by Porcelanosa Group and its unlimited features and applications. In this case, we’d like to talk about the features of thermoforming today.

Thermoforming allows obtaining a curved surface of any radian in a period of time without changing its intensity of color by heating and applying pressure to the Krion™ plate. Before applying this technology, all sharp edges of the plate must be rounded so that it will not scratch the film, to avoid minor cracks. Both sides of the Krion™ plate must be heated up to 160º, each plate is heated for 10min, and the heating time should be extended by 1min. for every additional 1mm of thickness.

Once the thermoforming of Krion™ plate is successful, it must be retained within the membrane press for approximately 40min. After this period of time, the pressed piece has its due form and can be applied to any equipment and device. This quality of Krion™ plate is the inherit feature of the internal structure of the high density mineral material. People can apply this technology to kitchens, bathrooms, surface or products, creating novel and fashionable designs.