Hospital design: creating functional and contemporary sanitary spaces


Hospital design goes far beyond simple aesthetics. Hospital architecture has evolved as we have come to realise the vital role that the environment plays in the recovery and well-being of patients. 

It is therefore essential that the design of clinics and hospitals is innovative, creating spaces that ensure safety and comfort while facilitating the duties of healthcare workers

The impact of interior design on clinics and health areas

The priorities in health and hospital architecture have undergone significant change in recent years.

Before, the design of medical clinics was focused on functionality. And, although that remains crucial, today priority is also given to generating well-being for users.

In recent times, the design of hospital environments has sought to eliminate the coldness and impersonal feelings associated with these places. Instead, the focus is on generating welcoming and friendly spaces that are safe and secure. 

Krion K Life entornos hospitalarios

Innovations in hospital design: current trends

Hospital design innovations reflect the evolution of medicine and healthcare. Hospital architecture is constantly evolving, incorporating cutting-edge technology and taking into account the psychological and emotional considerations of patients.

The use of natural light is a key trend in modern hospital designs. Bright and well-ventilated spaces help create wellness and peace of mind. With its pure white finish, Krion® reflects natural light and helps to create a calm and clean atmosphere.

The bathroom environments designed with Krion® have a contemporary, clean look. Our material allows for the creation of areas without perceptible joins. This creates continuous surfaces without spaces or corners where dirt accumulates, making cleaning and maintenance easier, and providing a smooth and continuous appearance that transmits a sense of calm and order. 

Beyond the trends, every project in a health centre is unique and requires a tailored approach. Krion® offers a wide range of tonalities, allowing each space to be customised according to the aesthetic and emotional needs of the project. 

Key elements of interior design for hospitals

To create a functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing hospital environment, we need to assess aspects such as materials and the design of areas such as those in which interventions are carried out and in bathrooms. 

Selection of hospital materials: durability, safety and aesthetics

The materials used in hospital interior design must be durable and resistant to wear and tear and to the intensive use and cleaning that is common in this environment. They must also comply with safety standards and be easily cleaned to maintain a high level of hygiene.

In this regard, as we already mentioned in our article on the advantages of Krion® K · Life in hospital environments, our material is of high mineral content, which gives it aseptic properties that stand out in the healthcare environment. 

Its characteristics include its bacteriostatic property, which prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms on its surface. This is without a doubt a key aspect in any health environment. In addition, its near zero porosity, chemical resistance, repairability, neutral aesthetics, durability and ease of cleaning make it ideal for use in hospital and healthcare interior design.

Hospital bathrooms: ergonomic design and accessibility for patients

The design of hospital bathrooms is another crucial aspect of health architecture. Functionality and accessibility are of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of patients.

Bathrooms must be easily accessible to all users, including people with reduced mobility. Krion® sheets can be cut in the same way as wood, and thermoformed to create ergonomic designs adapted to the specific needs of each project. In addition to offering bathtub and washbasin models  adapted for people with reduced mobility and specific for sanitary environments.

Creating comfortable and safe environments for a health centre project

The ultimate goal in hospital design is to create an environment that is comfortable and safe for all users. 

This means thinking about functionality and safety, but without forgetting that spaces can also influence the emotional well-being of patients and hospital staff. 

Using Krion® in a health centre project can enhance this feeling of well-being and, thanks to its versatility, facilitate fully customised designs for a clinic.

Krion K Life entornos hospitalarios

Without a doubt, as we move towards the future of hospital design, it is essential that we continue to seek innovative and sustainable solutions. At the end of the day, we all want to offer the best to both patients and to the staff who take care of our health.