Decorate your bath zone to create a more intimate and personal space

SLIM, when the bathtub transforms into a decorative object  - KRION Solid Surface


Historical research positions the birth of the bath as we know it today - in private rather than public settings - in the Classical Greek period. Initially freestanding and rectangular, this essential bathroom element has changed over time in line with our needs and aesthetic tastes, becoming a decorative feature in its own right. And the SLIM bath is living proof.

The bathroom is a home staple, and a place where comfort comes first. Getting your bathroom décor right puts you at ease from the moment you enter, creating a special place for you and your self-care routines. Baths usher peace and tranquillity into the room: a space where you can disconnect with the outside world without leaving the house. 

This is why it's so important to get your bath decorations right. When you do, an exquisite look comes guaranteed. In this post, we'll hone in on some decorating tips for your bath, outlining all the musts you need to think about to ensure the piece fits your space. Read on for some inspiring ideas.

Before you get your bath...

These are the things you need to think about before embarking on your bathroom décor project.

How big is the room your bath will go in?

Large or small? The type of bath you go for is dictated by the room size.

Before you go any further, measure up. Once you've got the dimensions of your bathroom, you can make sure you get a bath that fits the space to perfection. If space is limited, you can opt for a small shelving unit above the toilet to save space whilst keeping everything neat and tidy. Another trick you can use to make your space feel larger is to opt for equipment - like the washbasin and bath - in lighter hues. 

Bath types and sizes

If you want the design of your bath to speak for itself, getting the right type is crucial.

Two main types rule the world of baths: freestanding and built-in. Your decorative elements will depend on your bath type:

  • Freestanding baths, also known as pedestal baths, stand independently of the wall, which means they need quite a lot of space. With these baths, coming up with your decorations is an exciting task indeed. The minimalist design and simplicity of the SLIM bath by KRION Bath makes it every inch a decorative and functional feature. In terms of their décor potential, these baths win hands-down.

  • Meanwhile, if you've got a built-in bath, you could use a transparent bath screen with profiles that tie in with the rest of your bathroom to make the room feel much more spacious. 

Choose your decorative bath based on the room and ambience

A hotel bath, your master bath or guest bathroom bath... You'll want the décor to match the ambience of the setting.

Baths in hotel bathrooms often feature a play on colours, coordinating taps, countertops and even lighting for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Bathrooms are generally drenched in lighter tones like nude, lending a sense of elegance to a space and tying in with the other elements.

In guest bathrooms at home, the décor around the bath is often more neutral, avoiding an overload of elements and keeping more space reserved for the person using it. 

Decorative ideas for your bath

Embellish your bath zone with plants to connect with nature

Having plants and foliage in your bathroom helps to create a welcoming Zen ambience. If you want to relax and unwind away from the daily grind, there's nothing like contact with nature. Orchids, sansevierias and peace lilies are fabulous options that will purify the air in your bathroom. Or how about bamboo? These plants require little light to grow, and imbue the room with positive energy.

Let your imagination run wild, and add some white stones or vases to create your own personal spa. 

Romantic candlelit bath anyone?

Candlesticks, lanterns and candleholders are guaranteed to make your bath feel more intimate, indulgent and relaxing. Take that personalised feeling one step further with some incense sticks.

Scented candles will release wonderful aromas at the same time as softening the light. Turn off the lights and take in your beautiful candlelit room. 

Wondering how to get your bath looking as romantic as possible for a special occasion? 

Get inspired with more ideas for decorating your bath zone

  • Small bathroom? Go minimalist: Décor doesn't always have to be ostentatious. At times, simple is best. Use small accessories such as baskets, boxes, shelves or a small unit to complement the style of your bath, creating a cohesive, harmonious space. Bathrooms are a great place to unleash your inner interior designer.

  • Trays are a bathroom must: Usefulness and creativity go hand-in-hand with this essential bathroom piece. Trays are as practical as they are decorative; use them for storage or just to complement your ambience, adding a personal touch. 

Add a tray over the bath where you can keep a book or anything else to hand. Get ready to relax, immerse yourself in your literary world and enjoy your moment 100%. 

Accessories will make your bath feel all the more welcoming. It's the small things that make your bath perfect for you. 

Baths by Krion Bath: you'll fall in love

If you're set on your bathroom décor style but haven't yet decided on a bath, we've got some suggestions that will make all your worries wash away: 

SLIM bath made with Krion® Solid and marketed by KRION Bath by KRION, part of PORCELANOSA Group. Measuring 170 x 80 cm, it comes with an integrated overflow and click-clack drainage trim, also made with Krion®.

Slim Bathtub 

 Slim Bathtub 

This rounded, almost sculptural bath is the perfect fit for you. Meet ALMOND. Warm and intimate, and ideal for creating a safe and personal space. This elegant bath with organic lines can complement any decorative elements you serve with it. Place a stool alongside to keep everything within reach, or a tall cabinet to store your hair dryer and brushes.  


Almond Bathtub 

Your bathroom décor options are endless. That wraps up our post with tips to make your bath work for you, making the most of every inch of space. Once you let your imagination and creativity flow, your own space brimming with personality and charm will soon follow.