Décor guide: Minimalist kitchens with Krion® Lux


Minimalist style is founded on the premise that 'less is more'. It's a rejection of the ornate, overdone look, and instead keeps decorative elements to a minimum. And when minimalism is applied to kitchens, it's about creating spaces that may be simple, but are loaded with personality.

If you're looking for a décor scheme that gives you a sense of peace and tranquillity, a minimalist kitchen is the way to go. With this style, simplicity is key. And far from being a passing trend, it's more in-demand than ever. Which standout features make minimalism so popular?

  •  Simple lines.
  •  Fewer bulky elements.
  •  Simple colours.
  •  Prioritising practical elements which add functional - as well as aesthetic - appeal.

Minimalist kitchen colours

Practicality and ease of use in the kitchen are of course key - but so is colour. 

And in minimalist rooms, white reigns supreme. Which is why it's no surprise we're including white minimalist kitchens in our guide.

Gamadecor kitchen krion

Gamadecor Kitchen Emotions series

White is calm and bright, and lends a sense of continuity to your space. It gives the impression of the kitchen being a whole in itself, and will make the space feel bigger. This is what makes Krion® Lux - in any of the white hues available - so ideal.

You can also combine white with other neutral tones to introduce some contrast and originality, such as one of the many shades available in Krion® Lux.

The secret ingredient? Simplicity

If minimalist kitchens are defined by anything, it's simplicity. In these kitchens, the last thing you want is too many superfluous elements. If it's not essential, there's no place for it in your kitchen.

Asteroid Black kitchen krion

Black Asteroid Kitchen Krion®

Simple lines and reduced volumes are key to achieving the minimalist kitchen look. How can you do it? One option is to go for cupboard doors without handles and integrated household appliances.

You need all the open space you can get

Getting a minimalist kitchen isn't simply a matter of choosing the right furnishings and appliances: you need to keep the concept front and centre when you're deciding on your layout and structural elements, too. Taking out walls is fundamental to achieving a minimalist kitchen.

Snowy cloudy kitchen krion

Snowy Cloudy Kitchen Krion®

Having plenty of open space is the distinctive look you're going for, and it's trending. Why? Because kitchens have become the social epicentre of our homes.

Opening them out to the rest of the house bolsters this dual function: cooking on the one hand, and socialising on the other. 

Maximum hygiene in every corner

You don't want unnecessary elements in your minimalist kitchen - and you certainly don't want harmful organisms like bacteria either.

worktop moai krion

Moai Woktop Krion®

It's where you prepare your food, so you need to keep dirt, bacteria and fungi at bay. Worktops made in Krion® Lux have bacteriostatic properties, and because they're almost completely non-porous, with imperceptible joints, they're easy to clean too.

This is why a solid surface like Krion® Lux makes an ideal choice for worktops or cladding units and walls. 

Accident proof

Minimalism brings with it a number of values. It's about thinking beyond your taste when choosing materials, and instead honing in on materials that can withstand the kind of heavy-duty activity a kitchen is exposed to.

solid surface kitchen krion

Solid Surface Kitchen Krion®

And if you go for materials that can withstand bumps and are easy to repair like Krion® Lux, you'll get a kitchen that can stand the test of time. It means the chance of you having to replace any equipment - like a kitchen worktop - every few years, is significantly reduced.

All-terrain sinks

Sinks are another essential element of your minimalist kitchen. If you've opted for a minimalist island kitchen, this could be the ideal space for your sink.

asteroid black kitchen krion

Black Asteroid Kitchen Krion®

If you're someone who prizes practicality above all else, you'll find your perfect match in Krion® Lux solid surfacesinks. These all-terrain sinks are ultra-resistant and can be fully integrated into your Krion® Lux worktop, creating a seamless, joint-free space. 

Tips for small minimalist kitchens

If you're dealing with limited space minimalism can maximise your dimensions. It's what makes small minimalist kitchens the perfect option for homes lacking in space.

Follow these tips to achieve the look in your small kitchen:

  •  Use lighting to make your kitchen look bigger.
  •  Going for an all white kitchen increases the sense of space and cleanliness.
  •  Installing integrated appliances will give your kitchen continuity.
  •  Handleless cupboard doors are ideal for small minimalist kitchens.

Lastly, if you want to make the most of every inch of space in your kitchen, whether large or small, opt for a breakfast bar, giving you a worktop and socialising space in one.